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Sunday, July 17, 2011

'Ello Gov'na!

Hello again, beloved readers!
A few weeks ago, a fellow ATL lolita found a stray kitten. Since she couldn't keep him another loli fostered him for about a week, and now I have him (for keeps of course)!

I decided to name him Winston since it sounds like a good companion name for 'Annabelle'. He is absolutely precious!! Sadly, Annabelle needs some time to warm up to him -- she's been acting terribly hostile towards him these past days. And all Winston wants to do is play!

I honestly believe that Annabelle will warm up to him by the end of the week (she better!)~
They'll soon grow to love each other (hehe)! ♥

Until next time! ♥
Many kisses,


  1. He is precious! I've always wanted a kitty (╯︵╰,)

  2. Ande: He truly is. ;u; and you cannot have a kitty? ;n;

    Natsi: Thank you~! ♥

  3. Ohhh so cute *v* the last picture omg omg omg~!
    I wish I could have cats ;~;!

  4. Lafii: I know! ♥ He gets so crazily playful~
    I wish you could have them too. Darn people's allergies! ;n;

  5. ZOMsdfgjkbkjgb he's so frickin' cuuuute! <3

  6. What a cute cat! ^^ The name really suits him.

  7. wuaa he is so cute I have 3 cats so imagine haha n.n


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