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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Focus, man! Focus!

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day~
I feel like I've been focusing too much on lolita lately and it's hindering my improvement as a hime/agejo gyaru.
So now it's time to work hard and get focused! Sorry, lolita fashion, but you're getting ignored for a while.

2-month plan:

Practice hair & makeup 3-4 times a week
Practice coordinating (polyvore?)
Get a light tan
Don't buy lolita clothes!
Practice nail art and making gel tips
Make accesories! (bows, arm warmers, etc.)
Modify some current clothes for hime use
Get a variety of lashes

Doing these things religiously for a full month should really help me improve my style. I guess I'll be going on a mini hiatus from lolita (so no wearing it either... except for AWA xD). Also I've gone 5 days so far without drinking cola -- only water !
Much love,


  1. I laughed at the title when I saw it. xD Hilarious and practical.

    When I saw lolita getting ignored, I automatically think of this:

    Caylee: *ignores lolita*
    Lolita: :( </3

    Poor lolita, but it's for the sake of progress right? xD

    What I want to suggest however is that you change the font colour in the pink box. I could hardly see the 1-month plan and had to highlight it in order to see it. Just saying.

    Anyway, congratulations on drinking just water. :) I'm trying to lay off the coke/pepsi as well. Hope you meet your 1-month plan.

  2. > Wanda: Haha, yes!! :D
    I will come back to lolita eventually, so it'll all be fine. xD

    Oh! It automatically made it white... I changed it now!

    It's so hard to not drink cola -- I love it so much! ;u; Good luck with trying to lay off of it, too~

  3. If you need any help with anything, let me know! I will say though that make sure you also keep your skin and hair healthy as well! You can definitely practice hair 3-4 times a week but make sure you condition it very well at least once a week. Also make sure you have a good skin care routine as well! So much hair stuff and makeup o-o Maybe extend the time to 2 months rather than one because I notice if you cram improving on an entire fashion you will have a day where you are just like FUCK ITTTTT DDDD; I know this from experience xDD

    Good luck though! And that's good about drinking water instead of soda. About five months ago I quit drinking coke as well and it was sooo hard in the beginning. Every now and then though I treat myself to a diet coke or something but usually stick to green tea and water.

  4. Ah, time to buckle down and get serious XD I agree with ManaStarre, you may want to extend your time limit to 2 months. It's quite a bit to handle, and if anything comes along to take up time, like a sudden raise in work hours, or problems at home.... You've got so much on your plate, that even a couple days can really set you behind.

    As for the soda thing, it'll get easier. I had to stop drinking pop some years ago because it made my skin break out. At first, it was pretty difficult. After about 4 months, I didn't have any cravings for it anymore. I can drink it now without skin problems, but now the carbonation is so strong, I can only bear a few sips before it hurts my throat too much, lol.

    Good luck!!

  5. I don't think I've had a coke in... years. You really don't miss it after a while, and once you've stopped drinking sweet drinks, it's easier to stop eating sweet foods as well!

    Good luck!

  6. Mana: Of course! <3 I'm anal about my hair and skin, so I think they'll be okay~. I even use heat protecting syrums, conditioner for colour hair, and comb my hair out before washing it... which I think is why my hair isn't fucked up after all the abuse it goes through. xD
    I'm definitely change it to 2 months (well, 90 days). I meant to already change it but forgot haha

    It really is hard right now to not drink the cola, but I'm pushing through! Maybe I'll treat myself to some coffee if I keep doing well. xDD;

  7. Tiffany: Yeah, it's getting changed to 90 days. There will be a point where I'll have to break the no lolita clothes part though (AWA xD).

    Oh my gosh, I didn't know cola could do that! O: I hope I end up not having cravings for it as well. ;u;

    Ande: I will probably never give up sweet foods. My life right there xDD
    Thank you for the encouragement ♥


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