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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Hello lovely girls (and guys?)!
Today is a special day for Americans -- 4th of July or Independence Day! It's the day that the American colonies became free of Britain's ruling, meaning no crazy taxes!

I'm not really patriotic (I honestly would prefer to live in Finland or Germany xD), but 4th of July celebrations can be super fun~ ; tonight my family is having a cook-out type and possibly setting off fireworks!
I wish fireworks weren't illegal in GA because then we could set off all the crazy and beautiful ones without worrying about the cops catching us. Maybe we'll go to a public event for fireworks so we can see the many lovely colours in the sky. Either way, I can't wait!

こららにこら at graphic-noise @ blogspot is having her 1st Anniversary giveaway~
There's so many cute items to win -- including Alpaca plush!

You can enter here.
Everyone should join!

Until next time!
Much love,


  1. Happy Independence Day, even though I don't celebrate it or anything lawls :P

  2. Independence Day doesn't really affect me, since I live in the northern region of North America ^^ (a.k.a. Canada). None-the-less, I did celebrate Canada Day (which was on July 1) by going to the outdoors, which involved a painful and tiring hike haha. It is a shame that you cannot put on the fireworks yourself, but there is always like you said the public fireworks. :)

    As for the graphic-noise giveaway, I might enter, if not for the Alpaca plush! xD

  3. Happy 4th! My family tried fireworks but it was raining ;_;

  4. Oh, I thought fireworks were legal now! since everywhere sells them haha xD

  5. ★彡 Lizzie: Thanks anyway, haha! :D

    ★彡 Wanda Yay for Canada Day! Everyone country needs their own day~ xD
    HIKING?! I would die... I'm not a very sturdy girl LOL

    Yes, I really want the alpaca -- they're so cute! ;u;

  6. ★彡 Sasha: I know... it was raining like hell here so no fireworks ;A;

    ★彡 Laffi: Places sell the small ones (which are legal). The huge crazy ones with giant beautiful explosions, though -- those are still illegal here. GA is stupid xD

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. ★彡 Eimi: It isn't?! D: Try refreshing?
    I'm following you now! ^^


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