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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meta Summer LP

Hello again lovelies! It's been nearly a week; ahh so long!
Yesterday was my day off from work, and luckily -- my Meta LP arrived!

I got the black bag which is super cute!! It's really large too!

No Perfume Bottle print... but the skirt I got is still lovely! Offwhite with a flocky rose print. It's not my usual style... but it's beautiful, so I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to keep it or not. Then I got a navy x offwhite cutsew as well. At first I thought it was black and matched perfectly with the skirt. Even though it's navy -- it still matches pretty well!

The other items that came in my pack though... meh. I never wear bloomers so those are gonna go bye-bye. The wristcuffs are alright (hopefully they can find a nice home). The necklace is cute though, and so is the handtowel~. The socks that came are cute too (with poodles), but not really my thing. xD;

I tried to make an outfit out of the items that suits my normal style.
I think it turned out alright!

Lovely pink heart to cover my super derp face...
#002 Metaaa ♪ - rundown:
♥ Top ~ Meta
Skirt ~ Meta
♥ Tights ~ Claire's
Accessories ~ Offbrand
Bag ~ Angelic Pretty
Shoes ~ Offbrand

Overall I'm satisfied with my LP, but I really wish I had gotten more sweet items. Hopefully I can (maybe) trade the skirt and cutsew for items that are more my style~.
Until next time ♥
Love and kisses,

1 comment:

  1. :D Ooh! Very cute! <3 Shame that you didn't get the ones that are in your style.


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