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Saturday, July 2, 2011

New nails ♥ + incoming items

Hello lovlies! I've been really lazy with my nails lately; I'd either just leave them plain with glitter or stick false nails on. I finally got off my butt and painted them, though! I guess they'll be my July nails (or at least half-way through)~
I chose girly lavender and sax blue accented with a star and bows. The cabochons are from FULLMOON deco -- so cute, right?

Also, I purchsed a Meta skirt LP, so hopefully I'll be receiving it soon! I wish for sweet items and not getting a non-print skirt. I pray for Perfume Bottle print (or the print in the sample photo)!
My DreamV order should be coming in soon too (I feel like I've been waiting forever ;u;).

I'm getting the first pair in black x pink and the 2nd pair in white. The 4 bowed shoes are actually on sale now, so I guess I missed out on saving some money. Oh well! Then I'm also getting the purse in white since right now I have no white purses. I'm such a shoes and purses lady...

My Angelic Pretty jsk is still for sale, too! It's only $120 shipped US or $132 shipped International! It needs a nice new home, and I need money for a gift, so please check it out! ♥

Until next time~


  1. I like your nails. Good choice in colours and deco. Especially love the DreamV shoes and bag :).

  2. Lavenrose: Thanks! People who come into my work keep bugging me about them. xD;
    I think I'm addicted to DreamV now; such cute clothes/shoes/etc for amazing prices! ♥

  3. I have those little bows on my nails too! (Also from Full Moon)

    Very pretty nails!


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