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Friday, August 19, 2011

Craft/Deco: Princess Mirror ♥

Hello sweeties! ♥
I guess Monday & Friday have become my posting days hehe

I've been practicing my deco and crafting as of late~
Inspired by La Pafait's beautiful deco mirrors, I decided to deco my own!
It started out as a plain Lioele Princess mirror (which is already cute but hey~)

I started with the front first (turned out to be the right choice!), adding rose and ribbon cabochons. Filled in the rest of the area directly around the mirror with rose pink, light pink, and clear rhinestones (also some pearls here and there).

Time to add the ribbon and lace!
I added rows of soft, thin lace to the handle. Pink ribbon and a wider lace were added to the back.

Finally, I added the clay icing and many cabochons, rhinestones, and pearls! Finished!

Sadly, the pink "icing" actually ended up being darker than I thought.
I don't think mine turned out as cute as theirs, but oh well! I'll get better with lots of practice.
I haven't started on modifying my bolero yet, but it'll be my next little project!

Is everyone happy that it's finally (almost) the weekend?



  1. So cute mirror! I think about buy something similar, but with flower's on the back side, like in LL :)

  2. wow, I really should start decorating stuff. But I'm so damn clumsy! xD Btw, silly question
    : from where have you gotten your cute smileys with Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma etc? I really want to decorate my blog with cute smileys but I can't find any good sites with them...

  3. Rose Thanks! ♥ One with lots of flowers would be really pretty! *u*

    Frankie: Haha, I'm clumsy too! I always use tweezers to place the stones. ;u;
    I get most of them from Glitter Graphics in the animated gifs > mini section. ^^ I find some of them on shopgirl's blogs too, though!

  4. I love the mirror. It's now more girly and more frillier than ever (that's a good thing). :D I also have a pink hand mirror that I got from Fullmoon, but it's already cute so I probably won't be deco-ing mine. Yours is cute though. :) Can't wait to see more deco!

  5. River: Thank you ;u; ♥

    Wanda: It's insanely girly xD & I'm glad you love it! ♥
    Oh? I didn't know Fullmoon had hand mirrors; I'll have to check 'em out! & There will definitely be more deco to come! :D


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