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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quick little update ★

Hello sweeties~ I miss you all!
Just a quick update this morning~
My hiatus has been going super well, and I can tell my stress levels have gone way down! It's actually being extended a week, though (maybe...). My mom surprised me by telling me that we're going to London next month! The last night of AWA weekend, I'm headed off to stay there for a week! If I have superb internet access, I'll definitely make posts while there, but I'm not too sure how that'll be. I'll make sure to take many many pictures!! haha

I'm so excited!! I'm sort of scared at the same time though since this is my first time flying abroad! Hopefully I get over the fear in time~

Any recommendations of fun things to do while I'm there?
You can comment or email me your ideas~
Email is actually better since I have it on my handyphone!

Also, my blog will look different once my hiatus is done! I have many things planned for it (no more crazy background/banner, adding a menu, and more!).
I can't wait to truly be back!


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