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Monday, October 24, 2011

AP Sendai LP

I've been really big on buying lolita this past month. I know I shouldn't be spending so much money on it, but I really want my upcoming photo shoots to be extraordinary!
Each AP store released an exclusive LP in September, but sadly I wasn't able to get the Yokohama pack I wanted. But! luckily, an LJ user decided to sell her Sendai pack on angelic_poodle!

I was crazy excited to get my pack!! When I opened it, I wanted to jump all around -- a long sleeved OP! Even more so, I now have a new colour in my wardrobe! Lavender!

Luckypack contents

Tea Time OP
Blossom Ladder Lace headdress
Lyrical Bunny kneesocks

This OP is love! It has detachable sleeves, detachable waist ties, and even the collar is free. So many different ways it can be worn~
The headdress is kind of meh (it matches the old school feel), but the seller sweetly included a handmade glitter hairbow which definitely made up for it! Suits my style perfectly~
And I would post the outfit I made with the OP, but I'll be wearing it for a shoot... so I want it to be a surprise (only a few weeks away!!)

Also, since I've spent so much on lolita this month, I'm selling my agejo clothes (they don't suit me ;n;).
Make an offer too if you'd like~ here!

Till next time~ ♥


  1. What a beautiful dress! I love the color.

  2. What a gorgeous outfit! ^^ The colour is very stunning. I can't wait to see you wear it!

  3. Abbie Thanks! I love it too~ lavender is 2nd favourite colour for lolita clothing ♥

    Wanda: I know!! It has become my favourite piece at the moment. xD I'm crazy excited to wear it!


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