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Friday, October 21, 2011

Last days of London + goodies~

Hello darlings! ♥ Here's the last bit of my London stuff!

I don't know how I forgot to post this with all my other pic spams.

H&M dress ~ Extremely versatile dress & it was even on sale!
CMP55 long sweater ~ goes amazing with the H&M skirt, but can be worn as a dress as well ★

H&M skirt ~ very classy! and now I'll finally have a skirt w/ pockets! xD
French Connection lace top ~ Nice for club wear or to just add a pop of colour to an outfit!
WAREHOUSE leopard skirt ~ Lovely skirt for a great price (only £5)! I just couldn't pass it up ;u;

Darimeya dress ~ was too cute to pass up! The shop staff were so adorable and nice!! ♥
Soo Lee sweater ~ the softest sweater I've ever had ;A; It can go so perfectly with lolita or himegyaru~

My more London-themed souveniers! Well, most of them...
London fuzzy cap ~ since it was so freakin cold over there (and it's starting to get cold here)!
Pink glam manicure set ~ I honestly haven't had a mani set before this ;u;
"I ♥ London" salt + pepper shakers ~ so adorable!! ♥♥
"Mind the Gap" postcard ~ had to get this! It's what they say when stopping at tube stations ★
Queen Victoria cameo keychain ~ got from Kensington Palace~
Kensington Palace fan and stickers!

So now my London stuff is finally done! xD
I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend so far!

Until next time~


  1. I noticed that you have "that small black dress" in your haul. :D Can't go wrong with that! My favourite out of the bunch has got to be the Darimeya dress and the Soo Lee sweater. <3

  2. Wanda: Of course! Everyone should have a little black dress~
    Those are my favourites as well! ♥ Most of the other clothes were picked for work, so I made sure to get some cute items that suited my usual style as well. xD

  3. oh candy cakes is a very cute store (: i love there cupcakes!!

    CMPang x


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