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Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Review}: Skin79 BB Mini Set (pink)

Hello lovelies! Sorry about all my boring pic spams lately~ xD
Today I've got a 4-in-1 review for you guys!

I haven't found my favourite BB cream yet, so I ordered Skin79's mini set to see if I'd fall in love with one of the included BBs:

Diamond Luminous Pearl BB Cream (5g)
Super+ BB Cream (5g)
Super+ Triple Functions BB Cream (Pink) (5g)
The Oriental Gold BB Cream (5g)
Diamond Luminous Pearl -

This one will definitely not be my go-to BB cream. I have oily skin already, and the pearlescent shine just made me think of... well, oily-looking skin. It has medium coverage which is good, but it's too dark (medium beige) for my super fair skin.

Medium coverage
Great hydration!
Feather light
Pearlescent shine looks oily
No SPF or Wrinkle Improvement

Super+ -

I love this one! The shade is more grayish-tan, but it seems like all BB creams I've tried look that have whitening (which I don't prefer, but meh) look this way. It has a thick consistency, so a little goes a long way and it is super durable! I fell asleep for a nap, and when I awoke, the cream was still all there! No smudging at all!

Great coverage!
SPF 25 + & Wrinkle Improvement
Super durable!!
Light tone
Heavy on the skin
Smells of sunblock
Whitening (I guess this could be either-or)

Super+ Triple Functions -

My favourite of the set! The shade the same as the Super+. It covered all my little pimplies while still feeling super light on my skin. There's whitening which I don't really like (of course), but that's the issue I have with this BB. It also actually works better with only one coat! I think this one may become my go-to BB cream! ♥♥

AMAZING coverage!
SPF 25 + & Wrinkle Improvement
Lasts all day!
Light tone
Feather light
Whitening (I guess this could be either-or)

The Oriental Gold -

This one wasn't too great, but still better than the Diamond Pearl! It's too dark for my skin-tone and feels thick on my face, but! the coverage is fair and long-lasting. My skin felt really smooth after using this one, too!

Medium coverage!
SPF 25 + & Wrinkle Improvement
Lasts all day~
Smooths skin
Olive tone
Heavy on the skin
Whitening (I guess this could be either-or)

So overall, my favourite out of the set was the Super+ Triple Function. I'm thinking of getting the large size for (almost) daily use!

And to make up for all the bad pictures you just endured --

Have a funny picture of my cats :D

★ Have you tried any of these BB creams before? Any recommendations for ones to try? ★

Much love~,


  1. Naw, lovely cats! I haven't tried any bb-cream at all yet, but I plan on ordering from The samples are free so you just pay the postage. Which is good if you are insecure about which brand suits you. :)

  2. Nice review. I'm glad to hear that you had managed to find a BB cream that suits your skin. :) Now I'm not really much of an expert on BB creams so I can't really "recommend" anything (in fact, it wasn't until I saw your post that I had just heard about the BB cream).

    Anyway, turns out that the old saying "you learn something new everyday" really does work. I did learn something new today and I thank you for that. :) Now I might try out some after hearing how wonderful they are to your skin.

  3. Frankie: Haha, thank you!
    You should try them -- they make the skin feel so soft! ★ And thank you so much for telling me about that site! I just ordered from them~

    Wanda: Thanks! It's normally so hard to find BB creams that suit my pale skin. xD;
    Really?! You're welcome, and I'm really glad I helped you learn about them! ♥ You should try the site Frankie mentioned, too~ ^^


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