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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Been sick

Hello Honeys~
These past day, I've been feeling terribly icky and sleepy all the time. I was sick a little while back and thought I had gotten over it, but I guess it's still lingering... I will fight it though and get better, for sure!!
I always try hard to feel better quickly, and there are certain things I do when trying to become well again. I feel they may help some of you lovelies if you were to become sick too (which I hope not!).

Let's become well!
Try to always stay warm and cozy!
Germs like our noses/mouths, and if you don't keep warm, it gives them more chance to attack!

Relax and rest often!
Feeling tired is your body's way of telling you that it needs energy, and normally sleep is the answer. I know it's a terrible thing to waste the day away by sleeping, but a napping every-so-often is healthy!

Drink lots of fluids (mainly water!)
Water and green tea are your best friends of the beverage world when ill. Keeping hydrated will help your body recover. Plus! drinking lots of fluids will help to flush out all the harmful toxins in your body!

Take warm baths
Warm baths are comforting even when in good health! The warm water helps to open your pores and allow all the toxins to leave. Make sure the water is too hot or stay in too long though; doing so can damage your skin and actually be detrimental to your health!

and I saved the most important for last...
Stay positive!!
As Parappa always says, "You gotta believe!". Believing that you'll get well is a tough battle, but once you believe it, results seem to come much quicker!
Also, having a negative outlook about your sickness can cause more harm. Being negative can affect your vital organs and gives germs more power! The germs will take advantage of your organs being sourly affected by your negative emotions... and that can make you even more sick!
So stay on top! You can fight the sickness; you'll make it back to great health!

These are the things I've been doing and the mindset I'm trying to achieve while this sickness passes through. I know I'll get well soon!

Also, pictures from the photo shoot will be posted by Wednesday!
I'm just waiting to get them from lovely miss Shannon Coen; I can't wait to see how they all turned out!
I'll give you a little Preview:

Let's look forward to them!!



  1. I like how you put "Stay positive!" on the list because that is important in getting over a cold! I just got over mine recently, so it was interesting to read this. :3

  2. Audrey: It's the most important~ ^^ and I'm glad you successfully got over your cold! ^^

    Abbie: Thank you! I have been feeling a bit better these past few days. ^^

  3. Aww sorry to hear that. Hope you get better soon. It's not cool being sick. :/ Darn previews! xD


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