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Monday, November 21, 2011

Meta Autumn LP

Hello lovlies~ sorry for not posting a whole lot lately! Work gets hectic during the holiday season, so I'm usually too tired to do much when I get home. I'm even working the opening shift for Black Friday -- bring on the craziness!

So! On Friday, I got my Meta Autumn LP~; many cute items!!
It came in a huuuge pink shopping bag, and inside was another bag! All the items were stored away in the gorgeous Fruity Soda print bag~ It's so big -- it can easily be used as an over-night bag!

Pack Contents
Fruit Soda bag
2 pairs of socks (Melody Poodle & Fruit Soda OTKs)
Pin-tuck yoke blouse
Black lace OP

I was so excited to see that I got 2 pairs of socks (especially the yellow ones)! I really needed some more
The blouse is super cute! I always wear cutsews rather than blouses, so I'm gonna try and trade it. Let me know if you're interested~
I think I'm cursed or something to always get Gothic items as the main article though... It's already in the process of going to someone who will love it, so yay!

Overall, I think I got an okay pack -- I wanted the Fruit Soda print, but oh well~. The socks seriously made me really happy and I feel they made up for it!

Until next time, lovelies~


  1. 100% cute! I miss the days of buying Lolita lucky packs! My first LP was from Meta too, back whern the dollar to yen was waay stronger.

  2. Wow everything is soo cute! Lolita style is adorable!

  3. Yikes! Working on a Black Friday? Bring on the craziness indeed. Everything's so adorable! :D It sucks that you always get gothic items somehow and I completely feel for you, considering I'm not really much into the gothic style myself.

  4. ✄--Abbie: Thanks! ^^ Why don't you buy LPs anymore? More into gyaru than lolita~? And oh man, I wish the dollar to yen was still strong xD;

    ✄--Nana: Thank you! It really is; you should try it~ ^^

  5. ✄--Wanda: Yeah ;A; Black Friday is gonna be a huge learning experience for me (my first time working one)!
    I'm glad you like everything! ^^ It's just odd to me 'cause most of the other packs people posted had a sweet main item. Why meeee? xD;


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