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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Recent gets ♥

Hello Princesses!
Is everyone having a lovely weekend?
My last post was about how to save money by only buying items that go with your wardrobe, etc. Well today, I'm gonna show some of the items I was talking about!

SWIMMER tippet
Had been wanting one for so long!!
Offwhite l/s bolero
Peachy pink knit cardigan

JD sax rhinestone bow
Cream princess gloves
2 AP rings

They all work with my wardrobe in their own little way. I sort of regret buying the gloves since I most likely won't wear them more than a few times. I'll definitely try to create more outfits to wear them with, though!

I hope everyone has an extraordinary weekend!
Much love,


  1. cute items*_*!! i love swimmer's wonderfull**!

  2. All of your items are very lovely! ! !

  3. Fanny: Thank you~ ★

    Kanan: Thanks!! It's my favourite item right now; so soft~ >w< o

    Nana: Thanks, hunny! ♥

  4. I love your buys! They are all so pretty! ^^ As for the gloves, try to make everyday a special day! That's what I'm planning on doing (trying to dress up fancy everyday, apparently it's working...). Can't wait to see what outfits you come up with these items!

  5. Wanda: Thanks, sweetie~ ♥
    I will try to start doing that! I usually dress kinda casual at work, but now that my boss has seen me in lolita (he said I look like a "Pageant Girl" xD)... I don't think he'll mind me coming in to work in hime/more fancy clothing. ^^

    Also, thank you for your lovely reply to my comment~ I feel wayyyy more inspired to wear full hime now (been scared to...) ;u;

  6. All those items are SO pretty! Especially that Swimmer Tippet.


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