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Sunday, November 27, 2011

So beary friendly!

Hi Princesses!
Last week was quite hard for me, so I've been looking forward to the new one!

I got a package yesterday -- my super fluffy bear hat! So insanely fluffy and warm~ it's best to wear it in the nice cool weather. Wearing it inside makes me feel too hot.
I tried a kinda fairy kei inspired outfit with it~ I don't know how I did since I'm definitely no expert at fairy kei, but I think it at least turned out cute. I need some pastel shorts and skirts to pair~

my makeup
#012: Wanna party?
Sweater: Thrifted
Shorts: Offbrand
Tights: Offbrand
Shoes: Reebok
Accessories: Handmade, Offbrand, Secret Shop

What do you sweeties think? I really want to try fairy/pop kei out!
Maybe I'll get my friend Jesse to help me; he's really into spank! style & last night I learned that we live real close to each other! Finally a fashion friend that's actually close by!

Oh, and please vote in the poll~ sadly 4 people isn't such a great sample size.
And hopefully everyone has a good week~ it's only the start! XOXO


  1. Gurl that bear hat and that sweater *A*! You would look sooo cute in fairy kei, definitely do try it out!

    and now double the excuse to go way out there to hang out with you ehehehe ;v;

  2. Laffi: I knoooww; it was such a great find!! >w< Thank you! Maybe you can dress me up one day haha :v

    And yuss! *u* You really should~; it's a long trek, but you still should! ♥

  3. Your fairy kei outfit is very nice for a first attempt (at least I presume it's your first attempt anyway). I think what you can do to spruce up the outfit is to add in some pastel colour accessories, such as bracelets and necklaces. Other than that, your good. ^^

  4. Wanda: Thank you~ it is my first real attempt, yes. ;u; I'll be sure to add accessories next time (I've started buying fairy kei-esque ones!)! ★

    Abbie: Thank you! ;A;


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