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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Big news for the New Year!

Hello honeys -- the new year is upon us (so so close)!!
The New Year is a time for new beginnings, or if you're content with where you are in life, the beginning of another year of wonderful times!

I have a warm feeling inside telling me that 2012 is going to be a fantastic year for me. I know people are all worried over the world ending and such, but I don't believe it so I'm going to go through this new year at my own pace. I'm going to try and improve my personality since I still have some anger issues, and of course I'll focus on improving my style as well. No one is perfect, but I may as well strive for perfection none-the-less!

Anyway, enough of my little pep-talk! Time for the big news!!

On the 18th of this month, I was featured as Gothic Lolita Wig's customer coordinate showcase
I was insanely excited when I saw! I nearly fell out from being overjoyed!! As you all know (since I've said it a billion times now xD), I really wanted to become a muse for them. I talked to them about it at AWA, etc... Well, the next day, they contacted me about becoming a muse!! When I saw the message, I seriously felt like I was gonna pass out with happiness~
They said I can start my muse album any time I'd like, and I'll be taking pictures of my other wigs real soon to add to it! I truly hope to take many magical photos for GLW, and also shine to the world! Wish me luck!

I wish everyone an amazing New Year and a safe time when celebrating! Please be careful, lovelies!!
Oh! And please vote in the new poll~ ♥


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hime goodies!

Hello Honeys!
Happy Wednesday! The middle of a new week~ -- did everyone have a wonderful Christmas and has been staying positive this week?
I know I've been posting tons and tons of lolita stuff lately, but never fear -- I haven't given up himegyaru or lost my love for it!
I actually received my package this week ("XMas gift to myself") and it had quite a few hime goods in it! Stuff from La Pafait, Pinky Girls, R・F, and TRALALA! (one item was being worn xD)

Also, I really think my mobile wardrobe is getting too full. Probably time to buy some more fancy hangers and start one just for hime clothes!

And of course I made a few couple oufits with my new clothes~

Outfit rundown
Top - La Pafait
Skirt - Angelic Pretty
Jacket - Pinky Girls
Tights - Offbrand
Boots - Offbrand

Outfit rundown
Jacket - Offbrand
Tights - Offbrand
Shoes - DreamV
Accessories -Angelic Pretty, Offbrand, Paris Kids

I think my coordinating skills are improving nicely! What do you girls think? I'll keep working hard!!
Also, I just went with my natural hair for all of these, so I hope it looks lovely enough!

I'm just so extremely excited to have more hime clothes now! I can't wait to have enough to wear himekaji almost everyday!

Even more so, a wonderful event happened last Monday night (some of you already know)!! Everything isn't 100% yet, but oh boy! I really can't contain myself here! It's something I've been hoping and wishing would happen for a while now~. I'll definitely spill the beans by New Year (only a few days away so you'll all know soon)!

I wish everyone a lovely rest of the week, and may only good come of it!

Love and kisses,
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