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Friday, December 16, 2011

AP LP info~

Hey sweeties!
It's the most exciting time of the year for gyaru & lolita lovers -- Luckypack season
Most gyaru brand luckypacks already went on sale~ I got Liz Lisa! Good luck to everyone who wants one -- there's lots and lots of brands (plus many different sized packs, too)! Be sure to check 'em all out if you love LPs~

LP types

Mini set: 8400 yen
*Contains a JSK, Tshirt, barrette, and socks.*

JSK set: 10500 yen
*Contains a JSK, blouse, headbow, and socks.*

Salopette set: 10500 yen
*Contains a salopette, Tshirt, barrette, bag, and socks.*

Print set: 21000 yen
*Contains a JSK, blouse, headbow, bag, and socks.*

Premium set: 31500 yen
*Contains a cape, JSK, blouse, headbow, pannier, bag, and socks.*

So many choices and an adorable print! All the info provided in the original post is all that's known for now!
It's best to reserve with a shopping service nice and early if you wanna nab one!

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