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Monday, December 12, 2011

Meetup Report: Cookie Exchange

Hello lovelies!
On Saturday I went to a lolita meet-up with my dear friend Jesse (woo hoo!)~ I haven't been to a meet in a pretty long while, so it was wonderful being able to see everyone again! I even met some new girls, and everyone I met was super sweet!
The meet-up was a cookie exchange and secret santa meet, so there were many different cookies to munch on. They were all soooo delicious and I could feel myself becoming little piggy!Caylee.
I got really lazy about taking pictures, so I'm gonna put the few I have and use a couple that other girls took of me.
With Jesse! We had a ball on the way up there -- we're so silly! And OMG we looked so fab!!

With local lolita, Sasha! It was cool to finally meet her -- she's really nice!

And all our rings! We surely had enough bling to knock someout out! *POW!

My secret santa gift from local "diet lolita"-founder, Jennifer! I cheated and peeked during the secret santa gift opening, and I nearly squealed out of joy! I'd been wanting a Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma pouchette for so long!! Love it!

My coord
JSK - Angelic Pretty's Marchen Ribbon
Headbows - Angelic Pretty
Blouse - Bodyline
Tights - Offbrand
Shoes - Secret Shop
Bag - Angelic Pretty
Accessories - Angelic Pretty, chocomint,
hardcandy house, offbrand, SWIMMER

A lot of people were taking amusing photos with certain... body part cushions but I was far too shy! It was still hilarious to see! When lolitas behave badly~ I was all tired out when I got home , but it was seriously an insanely fun meet. I can't wait to go to more! ♥



  1. Du bist eine der wenigen Lolis, bei denen ich finde, dass Baby blau echt hübsch aussieht. An sich mag ich die Farbe ja eher nicht, aber dir steht sie wirklich *-* *neid*

  2. Ooo, danke für deine süße Kommentar! ;u; Baby blau Farbe gefällt mir sososo ♥ Es ist meine favourite Lolita-Kleid Farbe, wirklich! ^^

  3. That looks so much fun. Looking fabulous! ;D


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