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Friday, December 2, 2011

One 5 Ways #1: AP Chiffon skirt (w/ Garters! ♥)

Hello lovelies!
How's everyone's week been? Mine was good, but work likes to change my days all around, so this week had been a bit confusing~

Anyway! I've seen this concept done on other lolita and gyaru blogs before. But! Mine is going to be different! Instead of showing the item(s) 5 ways in only one style, I'm going to show how the item(s) can be used in multiple fashions (lolita, gyaru, fairy kei, etc...)! I feel it will help people who don't like to stick to one fashion!! I know that ever since I've been cutting down on purchases, I consider if the article I'm going to buy can be used in more than one fashion. Why would I want to buy an item that only works with mori girl or only works with lolita? Best if the item works with more than one~

Polkadot Chiffon Skirt w/ Garters

Honestly, I feel like this is probably the most versatile item in my whole wardrobe.
For all of the following outfits, I wore it without the garters~

#1 Lolita

Of course I've got to show it with it's intended fashion!
I actually rarely wear it with the intent of lolita fashion, but meh~

#2 Himekaji

Probably my favourite way to wear it!
Mixed lots of colours for this one~. The skirt is pretty easy to dress up!

#3 Fairy kei

I'm starting to get into wearing Fairy kei (well, trying to xD), and the colour, pattern, and material of the skirt go well with the style!
It can easily be matched with the pastel goodness

#4 Casual Lolita

Unlike (most) printed lolita items, the skirt can be toned down!
Pink and white is my favourite colour combination for casual lolita since it's not too crazy or overly eye-catching~

#5 Daily style!

Even more toned down!!
I've discovered that this skirt can even be worn with my casual work clothes! Normally lolita items cause many stares, but with a daily-style outfit, only a few odd looks are received.

I'll try to post a One 5 Ways at least once a month (maybe more~). I'll start the voting in about 2 weeks for which item to do next!
I hope this helped all the lovelies out there who like to wear many different fashions!
Have a wonderful day~



  1. I really like how you're showing how an item can work for several styles. I also like how I can see your wardrobe in the back. It seems like you have tons of cute clothing! :3

  2. A completely versatile skirt indeed. I really love the concept of incorporating a part of the outfit into many styles. Doesn't break the bank and is very budget friendly. I really like the approach that you took to the whole "5 ways" subject. It brings a fresh perspective to the whole thing. My favourites has got to be casual lolita and (naturally) hime-kaji. xD Can't wait to see how the other ones turn out.

  3. Audrey: Thank you! I'm hoping it will help everyone who likes to wear multiple styles, but feels like sometimes their items can't overlap all their styles. ^^
    Haha, it's a little embarrassing that you noticed that xD; but thank you! ;u;

  4. Wanda: I'm glad you love it! It just feels boring to me to do 5 outfits of one style, so I felt doing multiple styles was much better. ^^ The himekaji outfit is my favourite as well :D
    The poll for the next item will be up in a few days!


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