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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Been so so sleepy @_@

Hello lovelies! Just a quick post for today!
Sorry that it's been a few days. Lately, I've just been sooooo tired. I even slept till 2 pm yesterday!! I'm a little worried that sickness has struck again, but hopefully that isn't the case!

I had a photoshoot Tuesday, and I can't wait to see the photos from it! The location was gorgeous (all pink!), and the staff were incredibly sweet as well! All the photos should be ready by Saturday, so look forward to it~ I'll actually be submitting some for GLW's upcoming Spokesmodel Search, so sadly those will have to stay a secret till Feb.1

So Monday night, I did a little test run to see how long it would take me to get ready... Boy, I take forever if I don't already have my stuff set out. Having to find the items took most of the time, so I've learned that I should definitely set everything out the night before (maybe even 2 nights before!)
I also tested out my makeup. I ran into a little problem... couldn't decide which lenses I wanted to use!

Excuse the ultra-derp expression... xD
I decided to go with the Almond Brown, but dang, the pink would've looked really cute, too! Oh well, I'll find a use for them eventually~

Also! My LPs are finally on their way to me! I'm guessing they'll arrive Tuesday or Wednesday.

I'm extremely excited about the AP pack -- I got the white Salopette version! I've seen actual photos of the black version, and to me, the white is cuter! So I'm pleased got white instead~
Very excited for the Liz Lisa one, too~ but I've no idea what I'll be doing with the tank top. Probably sell... A tank top in winter...? I'll mule it over first. The parka, dress, and bag are to die for though!
I just realized that the bags are I'm getting in these packs look... almost exactly the same. I wonder if I should just keep both; use one just for lolita and one just for gyaru?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week~ Plus it's almost the weekend, so let's get excited for that!
And do ya'll have any exciting things coming up or beautiful items coming in the mail too?
Have a super day! ♥


  1. Ooo your LPs look very exciting! I wish I was smaller so I could buy one that wouldn't be a waste of money. ><' I would love a 6%dokidoki one as I know they have accessory ones but as far as I've learned they don't export them. :(
    Can't wait for your new photos and I hope you win spokesperson! ^.^

    1. BABY LPs usually come in different sizes (and normally have shirring), so you could consider those! ^^ Oh.. my.. I would die to have a 6%dokidoki pack!! Use a shopping service if you really want! That's how I get all my LPs xD;

      They'll be on my Flickr soon! And coming Feb 1, my favourite ones will be up! ^^
      Awww, thank you! I hope I do too~ ;u; /FIGHTING!! *O*)/

  2. Ohh a photo shoot sounds wonderful~ & the location a dream! ^ - ^
    I hope you're lucky pack is lucky! ^ __ ^ <3
    I am waiting on some cutsews, stockings, hair bows & make up which should arrive very soon ^ w ^

    1. It was amazing! Everyone was just so sooooo sweet ;u;
      Ohh, all your items sound fun! Cutsews are so comfy ^^


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