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Sunday, January 15, 2012

★Fresh Fashion★ Pop of colour!

Hello lovelies!
I've been watching the poll and it appears that the most popular choice of what you girlies want to see more of are fashion tips~. So today, I've got a tip that applies to all fashions (it's something that I truly love...) -- pop of colour!

Now let me say, I am all for a full baby pink, lavender, black, etc. (monotone) outfit, but honestly, where is the fun in that?! I'm not meaning that your outfits should always be crazy and eye catching, gosh no, but it's nice to see an outfit that has some bold and/or offsetting colours in it! It just makes the outfit so much more... fun!

I'm going to use two lolita coordinates (using the same dress) as an example, one that more just follows the "3-colour rule" and the other with a pop of colour added.

See how much more funky and fun the second coord looks?
I feel the bright pink helps bring out the lighter pink~ the purse looks darker in the photo than it really is in real life, but it still looks lovely.

Another way to add a pop of colour is to paint your nails a bold colour! A bright teal or coral polish along with a matching necklace or purse looks amazing with a mainly neutral-toned outfit.

I hope this tip inspires you all to add some pop of colour to your future outfits! It makes outfits so much more fun! Adding a pop of colour can also make a previous outfit look completely new!
Let's all add some colours to our outfits and have funky fresh fashion!


  1. how cute outfit ^^ I like the dress ^^

  2. *------* so cute!
    You´re looking amazing as usual <3
    I loved that nail polish color btw

    1. Awww, thank you! ☀
      I love them too~ another colour I used as a "pop of colour" is royal blue. So beautiful *u*


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