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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New goodies! + an outfit~ ♥

Hello sweeties~ how was your day?
Lately I've been in not so great of a mood. Feeling lonely since I don't get to see my friends often anymore... but still trying to stay cheerful.
I do lots of shopping when feeling sad to try and cheer myself up; I feel a little better now after buying so much, but I still miss my friends. I think about them a whole lot lately... I'm really hoping I can see some of them soon. Maybe do something for Valentine's Day

Just wanted to show you all some of the goodies that arrived recently (and that I've bought for myself as-of-late)

Luckypacks arrived! I nearly passed out when opening the LL one (the dress!)
My Lemon Cookie order arrived as well~ just accessories
(Sadly I forgot to take a photo...)

In the mail

Bodyline Soft Cream JSK + ruffle skirt (both in mint)

Alice Doll fawn fur collar + Sechuna shoes (pink pair and black pair)

I sure go all-out with shopping when I feel depressed! The excitement of getting new stuff makes me feel better.I've been putting all my clothes I don't wear anymore on ebay anyway, so I need some new stuff...

I also made an outfit with some of my new items

My hair and makeup didn't look so great... (can't wait to get a hair cut ★)
Dress: Liz Lisa
Sweater: Liz Lisa
Tights: Lemon Cookie
Shoes: Thrifted

The tights look really... odd in the photo, but they're gold dots and roses~
I love all my new stuff!

I hope you enjoyed reading!
All my readers mean so much to me, so I hope ya'll have a lovely week~
Let's all try to be in a good/better mood



  1. Girl, I know how you feel! I've been feeling really lonely lately also. Getting together for Valentine's Day is a great idea.

    Your new things are all so cute ~

    1. I haven't seen my friends since... before XMas x.x;
      I'm sorry you've been feeling lonely too! You should come back to Fayetteville so we can hang out haha~

      Thank you ;u;

  2. Aw.. that's too bad that you haven't been in a good mood!
    But it's the same for me, I enjoy getting things in from shopping ehe..
    it's like.. shopping therapy

    maybe you could make valentine's day chocolate too? o: would be a good idea?

    1. Yes, shopping therapy! I like that term for it! hehe~

      Ohhhh, that's a wonderful idea! I know in Japan, gals get together for pocky decoration around Valentine's Day. I'll bring it up! ^^

  3. aaaaaaa awesome haul! i totally feel you on the retail therapy though :<

    1. Thanks! ;u;
      Did you buy Laffi's Soft Cream skirt? ♥♥ I was thinking about twinning (it's magically EGL's theme this month, too!) xD

  4. That is such a super cutie outfit! Can't wait to see your new hair. <3

    1. Thank you! ♥
      I plan to get a bob and I hope it turns out super cute~ ^^


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