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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tea time~ pink x red

Hello cutie-pies!
It's finally the new year; yay! I know people have been making their little new year resolutions and such, but I actually decide not to follow that this year. I feel like if I want to change or go for something this year, I'm gonna do it when I get to that point. A new year coming shouldn't be a reason to make goals or to change aspects about yourself. If there's something you don't like about yourself, may it be physical, mental, or emotional, the time to start changing it is that moment you start thinking "Wow, I don't like such-and-such about myself."

Haha, sorry I keep rambling on about such meager things lately...!
So yesterday, I went with my mom to have tea at an old teahouse/antique store. The food was delicious and the place had a wonderful atmosphere.

Outfit rundown
♥ Headbow: Angelic Pretty ♥
♥ Top: Offbrand ♥
♥ Skirt: Offbrand ♥
♥ Bag: Angelic Pretty ♥
♥ Tights: Offbrand ♥
♥ Shoes: Angelic Pretty ♥

We did some antique shopping after we ate, and I got an adorable cup and saucer set! Yay for kitty! I also got a gift for a friend, but they blog too so no photo~.

It was a fun time, but I had to go to work after so I was pretty tired. Good thing work was chill!

I've been working on getting wardrobe posts done too, so hopefully I'll have one up by Sunday~
Also I can't believe it almost the 2nd week of January! This week flew by sooo fast, but I hope it was amazing for you all!
Have a lovely day and great weekend~



  1. the tea cup and saucer are so cute and unusual! i love your bag too ^^

  2. I love that little tea cup! It's so cute! I also wanted to say a gigantic THANK YOU! You're my first follower on my blog. ^o^

  3. Bexy: Yes! xD So quirky and lovely! Thank you ♥

    Alsatia: I'm glad you like it~ ♥ and you're welcome!! ^^ I can't wait to see lovely things from your blog~


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