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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lolita shopping adventure!

Hello honeys!

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while!! I got really busy with work and then was on vacation for a week..

For my vacation, I took a 3-day trip to San Fransisco! I mainly went so I could visit the lolita shops, but the whole experience was wonderful

We arrived suuuuper late at night on Sunday so we decided to just sleep and start our real adventure the next day.

We stayed the night at the Crowne Plaza which was quite cozy! The beds were incredibly soft and the breakfast was yummy as well.

So we started our real adventure Monday around noon. First, to our real hotel!

We missed the first shuttle, but luckily the 2nd one wasn't too far behind! We stayed at Hotel Kabuki which is right on the edge of Japantown. The decor had a traditional feeling, and the bathroom even had traditional bathing-style! I almost hurt myself when trying to shower -- the bathtub was nearly 3 ft deep

Since we were staying on the 15th floor, we had an amazing view.

I decided to wear lolita since it was my main shopping day

We rode the bus to the Angelic Pretty store (yes, lolita on public transportation... I got many odd looks). The shop was split half-and-half -- Angelic Pretty and Harajuku Hearts. It was small yet quaint. Sadly, no photos were allowed inside, but I did get a picture taken outside.

There were two shop girls there: one was incredibly sweet and chatty, and the other... not so much. She just sat at her computer the whole time really. :

I realy wish I had gotten the name of the sweet shop girl. She was seriously incredibly helpful! Good at driving sales too haha~

I bought a mint cardigan (it was on sale) and the Cake House Bag. The bag was kinda expensive... but it cost less than a pony bag AND it has more room! So it was definitely worth it~

My mom found an item for herself, too! A very punk-lolita styled skirt -- I'm trying to "convert" her into a lolita, and it seems to be working! xD

After shopping at AP, we wrote the bus all the way back to Japantown so we could go to the New People building!

They had a little cafe on the ground level where I tried some organic onigiri. I got the 3 set, so I picked different flavours for each: Spicy Shrimp, Ume (plum), and Teriyaki Chicken. The Spicy Shrimp and Teriyaki Chicken were delicious! The Ume... not so much. Maybe I'm just dumb when it comes to Japanese foods, but the Ume was super sour! I was expecting sweet like a plum from the grocery... Can someone please explain to me why it was sour? ;n;

Floor 1 is the New People Store where they have cute little goodies. They even had GLBs! Nice stuff, but my money was for clooothes!

Up to Floor 2!

The artwork on the stairwell was quite interested and even a little frightening. When we got up to the 2nd floor though... my eyes truly lit up. It was lovely! Sadly there were no photos allowed at the BABY store, so I'll let you imagination run wild on that one~

This time, my mom got another skirt and a pair of boots. I even convinced her to buy a LP to expand her budding lolita wardrobe! She let me have the blouse and keychain from it.

I just bought a pink cutsew. It has detachable sleeves so I can use it all year 'round!

And surprise! We both got the novelty cellphone charm! It's seriously too adorable; I'll be turning mine into a necklace.

We went and had curry for dinner. It was my mom's first time having it since she's scared to try spicy foods. I made sure to get yellow curry, so no worries about it being too spicy! After dinner, we went back to the hotel to sleep. It had been a long, tiring, and exciting day~

This post is getting rather lengthy, so I'll put up Days 2 & 3 tomorrow or Tuesday~ I hope you all enjoyed reading about my lolita shopping adventure! I also hope everyone is having a lovely week~ it's only the beginning!


  1. Wow! Everything seems so cute! : D

  2. Umeboshi are sour and salty. That is how they're supposed to taste. :3

    1. Thank you for explaining!
      I really wish I had known that before-hand. My tongue was so surprised. ;n;

  3. awh im so jeslous of your travels! love the phone charm ^^

    1. Oh, don't be jealous, honey >< I know you'll travel the world someday <3

  4. How cute! >.< I can't believe you were able to get your mom to accept lolita.. and get her to dress in it too! You should post pics of her buys too! :DD
    Sadly, my mom is a "stick to the basics", "simple is always better", and "that's why there's a norm" type of person, she isn't open-minded to other things! Sure, everybody is entitled to their opinions, like her, but she doesn't let me have my own :( I don't openly dress in lolita yet, mostly just sewing and buying clothes and expanding my transitioning wardrobe, but the one time I wore a shirt I bought with jeans and a frilly bag, she got all mocking and mad at me for having a laughable weird sense of style and was questioning me if I was trying to "make my own style". It seriously pissed me off, we're really not on good terms all the time anymore, but I still respect her and can't get myself to tell her. Once she saw me looking through the one and only GLB I had which my dad bought for me and I showed her the patterns and she was scolding me "why waste your time with that? it's not suitable for our country etc etc have you seen other people wear stuff like that etc etc I TOLD YOU, BE SIMPLE." I can't help it but a part of me really hates her, and is wishing that I had a mom like some other girls, like you.
    At least my dad is passive about it, he listens to me and understands me, and doesn't tell my mom about it. I'm very lucky with him, and whenever somebody asks who I love more, my dad or mom, I just say I have no favorites, but secretly I know in my heart that I love my dad very much more than my mom.

    WAAH. I kept rambling, I just don't know how to shut my mouth X.X Sorry for this, but I want you to know that you're really lucky :)

    1. I feel like Americans families lately are much more accepting of alternative fashion and such. This country is seriously a huge melting pot and pretty much always has been.
      My mom is actually into alternative fashion/lifestyles herself so she's open to new ideas (such a blessing).

      I know many Filipino families that are the same way how your mom acts. One of my friends, her mom won't even let her date non-Filipino boys because she wants to stick with all traditions and have her lead a "simple life". I understand that it makes you upset because I would feel the same way if my mom acted like such. It's good that your dad tolerates it; that's a wonderful start! Usually the tolerance turns into indifference (what happened with my dad). Your mom is a hard case though. You may have to wait until you can move out or come of age until you can really wear it.

      I'm seriously overjoyed though that although your mom dislikes lolita fashion, you still follow your heart and try to enjoy the style you love. That in itself is a beautiful thing. <3

  5. The trip sounds so exciting. If I were to go to San Francisco anytime soon it would be just to visit the Angelic Pretty shop haha! I love your coordinate. :) You look so pretty. Everything goes so well together. I was a little surprised when I first heard that you got some weird stares on transit. I figured that they got used to it, what with an actual Angelic Pretty shop there and everything. Guess not!

    I love your haul, especially the cake house bag. I always did love lolita bags since they come in all fun shapes and sizes! :D Love the emphasis on the size of the bag.


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