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Saturday, March 3, 2012

SF Trip day 2: More shopping!

Hello Sweetie Pies! Sorry that it's taken me so long to post this

This week has been really damn stressful, so my mind has seriously been racing. The thought of blogging kinda went out the window for a bit. @.@ Sorry!!

Meh, enough about my shitty week! You all wanna know about my SF trip!

So! Day 2! Woo hoo!

More shopping really~ not much of an eventful day

The weather was warm and sweet: I believe it was about 70 degrees again~ I wore a cute Springy outfit -- who doesn't wanna look cute while shopping?

My mom and I went to Kinokuniya and wow! I didn't know there were so many different little shops and restaurants. I seriously thought it was gonna be a giant bookstore; I was pleasantly surprised~!

One of the little shops had tons and tons of character goods. Crazy amounts of Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma goodies! Now I love Rilakkuma, but the prices were kinda steep... they really took advantage of the Rilakkuma-adoration. So no kkuma for me~; instead, I got a big pack of stationery and Kutusushita Nyanko pouchette!

Then it was off to the actual bookstore! They had an amazing amount of manga and even had a section just for yaoi and yuri. I found an odd book while in there... it appeared to be "how to draw yaoi sex scenes".

They had Moomin learning books, gyaru magazines, and GLBs too! I got Moomin comics (for my dad) and Strawberry Panic complete manga. It's an adorable yuri tale; love it~~

We pretty much spent the whole day in Kinokuniya, so we had to hurry off to DAISO once we were done. Luckily The DAISO shop was right near the hotel!

I was amazed at how large the store was, and all the prices amazed me as well! I got a whooole lot of goodies in there! Only some pictured here; the others are for a surprise later~

We were crazily tired after shopping around in DAISO, so we slinked back to the hotel to do some planning before bed. Wednesday was gonna be cray, baybay -- we were goin to the bay!

Also, I've heard around the grapevine that GFC could soon be no more!

I've added my Bloglovin' link to the sidebar, so please follow there. ^^


  1. Wow! Some relaly cute gets!

    1. Thanks! I always spend way too much money when on trips haha :v

  2. omg you looked so cute~~! I bet going to AP fan fran was super exciting *v*! I wanna go one day~!

    Umeboshi plums are usually pickled plums, so instead of the sweet fruity flavor, you get the sour pickled thing going on haha. That's why it was sour! Its definitely an acquired taste though haha

    1. Thanks honey!! <3 It was fun~ but I was surprised how tiny the store was xD

      Ohhhhh. Yeah, I really wish I had known. I would've gotten another spicy shrimp instead xDD;
      Ume is definitely not for me, hontee. x.x

  3. The GFC discontinuing is only for those who aren't a part of Blogger, since Blogger is owned by Google, so we're okay ^^

    Anyway, I've got to be honest, though I'm not a yaoi fan, I wonder what's in the yaoi book. What makes it different from any other how to draw couples book, besides them both being men? o_o Is it banned from use towards hetero or yuri coupling references?

    1. Ohhh, thanks for clarifying! ^^

      Haha I wonder the same thing! xD I think it's for BL because men have different body structures than women? IDK. I'd say an artist could use it for hetero/yuri scenes too /shrug
      Maybe BL mangaka just wanted their /own/ "How to draw sex!" book xD


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