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Friday, April 13, 2012

DreamV + chocomint - pastel goodies galore!

Hello honey bunnies!
I hope everyone is having a spectacular week~

I've got wonderful news -- I made it to the finals of GLW's Spokesmodel Search!
The voting for this round should be starting near the end of the month, but I am just too excited/nervous! My dream is on it's way to becoming true!

Anywho, enough about my crazy excitement!
Lately I've been redoing my "casual" wardrobe. Surprisingly, I used to mainly wear pants and tees. I'd wear skirts on occation, but normally just jeans to work... but now I'm trying to change that! I bought many cute fluffy skirts from work, but the I realized I didn't have many tops or accessories to go with them! That's where my DreamV and chocomint orders come into play!

From DreamV, I mainly got cutsews. I got a few skirts/sets as well, but cutsews were my top priority! There's a yellow/pink cutsew too, but I forgot to photograph it

And the chocomint! I went a little crazy with buying, but Jesse and I had been wanting to do a chocomint order for a while... so I guess it was alright. heh heh
It was all completely worth it; so in love!

My sleep set from DreamV! Kissy kissy! image
I know I'm super paaaaale... so! On my next few off days (whenever the hell they may be), here's my plan:

Get my feet done! My toes are lookin gnarly lately.
I bought 3 pairs of cute sandals recently, so them toes need to get done ASAP!

Get a spray tan! (periodically)
I don't tan easily, plus I never have time to go lay in a damn tanning bed anyhow. xD

Do my hair/get my hair done!
This will definitely be my favourite! How it's gonna be done is staying a secret for now~ xP

And on another note!
Jesse drew a picture of me -- how incredibly sweet!
It's the first time anyone has ever drawn me. I'm overjoyed!

Of course he put my "signature" huge smile too! xD

And now it's almost finally the weekend too! The big surprise is only 2 days away! :D
I hope you all have a splendid Friday the 13th!

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  1. Congratulations on you making it to the finals! ^o^ I hope that you win! Love the haul! Everything is so pastel looking it is crazy! xD I like the picture that your friend drew for you. It is very sweet of him.


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