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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spending time with my bb~

Hello again, honeys!
Aren't you all amazed that it hasn't been a week since my last post? image

On Friday, I hung out with my bb Jesse! I haven't seen him since Momocon (so long x.x), so it was refreshing being able to spend time with him! imageimage

We hung out at the Avenue (a shopping plaza), and boy did we have an amazing time! Jesse is such a blast with his great sense of humor~ so fun! image

For dinner we had yums at Atlanta Bread Company~ I had the California Avocado sandwich (my favourite!) and Jesse had soup (French Onion...?). The food was delish~ image

We pretty much just goofed off the whole time; didn't shop too much but meh. I'd rather spend time than money! image

It was also my first time wearing fairy kei out in public!image I got lots of sweet comments! Of course many people gave me a "wtf" look, but oh well~ image

wif ma bb :B

* Cutsew: DreamV *
* Top: La Pafait *
* Petti: Offbrand *
* Shoes: SWIMMER *
* Accessories: chocomint, handmade *
* Wig: GLW short bob *

I had tons of fun and really hope to spend time with Jesse again soon!

Hopefully you've all had an enjoyable weekend too~ and here's wishing for a wonderful Sunday!

Thanks so much for reading~ image


  1. Ahhh the Avenue is sooo close to my old house ;_:

    I also love hanging out with people I haven't seen in a while <3

    1. Bahhh, really?! So you lived on the PTC end of Fayetteville! I live on the Riverdale end xD

      You need to come back to GA so we can meet! ;A;

  2. Ahh you look so cute! ❤ Love the mint and pastel pink combo~

    1. Thank you! ♥ it's my favourite colour combo! ^^

  3. You really did look so cute!! It is a great outfit. :D Love the hipster-like glasses to go with it, it makes it so perfectly unique!

    1. Aw, thanks! ♥
      Hahaha, my "hipster glasses". Oh lawd; they really make a picture perfect combo, huh? xD

  4. Your outfit is adorable!
    And mm that sandwich looks delicious!

    1. Thanks~ ;u;
      It was so goooood! I want another xD

  5. Replies
    1. Sorry this is so late xD; but d'aw thank you! <3

  6. guuurl look at you!! you're so cute aww!! that wig suits you so well btw *A*!! I miss youuu jhsgfjqhas

    1. Baaaa~ thanks honey! ;u;
      I feel like this one suits me better than the other split on I got <3

  7. Good on you for being daring enough to wear fairy-kei in public for the first time. It goes to show how high your confidence level is and I absolutely love the outfit and the colour coordination! ^^ Pink and mint green always go well together! <3

    1. D'awwww thanks! <3
      I stopped giving a damn about what strangers think of my outfits a loooong time ago xD I think it's something everyone should do (:
      Mint and pink is definitely my favourite colour combo right after mint and lavender! <33


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