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Friday, June 29, 2012

Recent purchases - [Lenses galore!]

Hello my darlings!
Sorry for not posting in a while! ;n;

So you all know that I get bored incredibly easily when it comes to my hair and makeup. image Well I've already changed my hair, so next is my makeup (kinda)!

Lens Village is having a nice little sale at the moment (it ends tomorrow so hurry and order!) -- 40% off some of their most popular lens styles! image

I went ahead and ordered... 5 pairs! image All different colours too!

Top (L-R): Kimchi Bambi brown, blue, & pink
Bottom (L-R): Princess Nudy green & violet

Now I can have basically any eye colour!image

I'll be doing a full review for each style, but I'll just put this out there now -- I was surprised at how comfortable the Kimchi Bambi lenses are! image The colour is also stunning; it will grab people's attention right to your eyes! image

with the Kimchi Bambi blue in c:

I'm also on a mini vacay from work, so expect lots and lots of posts during the next week!
I hope everyone has a lovely day image

Till next time~

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New hair + phone!

Hello sweethearts!
Surprise~ -- a new blog post!

Lately I'd been thinking about changing my hair, but I wanted to wait until after Frill. Well, now that Frill has gone and passed, it was time to get the party started!

On Monday, I got it cut into a cute bob and went with ash brown with a magenty-y, lavender-y underdye.

I'm amazed at how well it turned out! I was really worried about how the underdye would look, but luckily it didn't come out too dark!


Then to make a good week even better, my new phone arrived yesterday!

I finally got the pink LG Icecream (I know I'm like... 3 years late, but whatever)! I'm seriously in love with this phone right now. Much better than my old phone when it comes to visual aspects~


Today was just a nice relaxing off day. I just played video games and worked on a deco mirror that's a present for my coworker -- I really hope she likes it! image
Overall, this week has been wonderful so far! And I really hope it stays this way~. image I also hope everyone has been having a pleasant week, too!

Here's to a great rest of the week, lovelies~!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Frill 2012


Hello again!

This past weekend I went to the first ever Lolita Convention in the world -- Frill! image

I stayed with a local friend and two sweethearts from South Carolina. I seriously loved rooming with them ;u;

I looked imageamazingimage on Saturday with my Squirrel Party coord!

For Saturday, there were plenty panels including wig and deco panels (Yay Malice and Jesse! image)

There were also 3 raffles to enter: Brand clothing, make up, and brand accessories.

Of course I entered the one for brand accessories since there was a Milky Chan headbow in it ;u;

Sadly, I didn't win, but at least I tried~

Then at night, there was Frill After Dark.

Me and Ashley being silly before heading out~

It was alright, but to me, the music was horrendous xD

Fashion show was bland even though some of the pieces were gorgeous. There was even a Totoro dress!

They announced the Brolita and Kodona contest winners + the raffle winners.

After that we went back to the room and passed the hell out. I was super excited for Sunday~!

Not really wanting to post about Sunday or Sunday's outfit... since I already got posted to /cgl/ and called ita for it (let's just say I was super casual w/ glasses and no wig). image It was a country coord I forgot some items for, so I'll have a perfected version up sometime or other.

All of Sunday was just a huge tea party and then a feedback session. A tea party with a bunch of strangers isn't really my deal, but the tea and food were great... So it was cool, I guess~

In general, Frill was ton of fun, but I kinda felt like there weren't enough events on Sunday to keep me thoroughly entertained, so I give it a 7/10.

And sorry for the lack of photos! I always seem to forgot to take tons of pictures xD

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Laaaate International Lolita Day outfit~

Hello my darlings! Happy June! image
Lately, I haven't felt like blogging (been in a crappy yet excited mood lately...) -- hence the lack of posts!

Let's try to get me back on track here! Hopefully multiple posts this week~ image
So! For International Lolita Day, I didn't get to wear lolita fashion. Instead, I wore 80's style! We had 80's Day at work, and it was so so fun! image
My boss told me I looked the same as usual minus my hair and make-up. I guess to her I wear 80's-esque style all the time? image

My look~
I really thought my hair and make-up looked horrible, but oh well! xD

Since I wasn't able to wear lolita on ILD, Sunday, or Monday, I decided to wear it today!
That probably wasn't a good choice on my part since it's been raining this week, but meh~ may as well look cute even in crappy weather! image

I went for a really spring look of pastel mania image

image Dress: BTSSB Dessert Collection
image Cardigan: DreamV
image Purse: San-x
image Socks: Offbrand
imageShoes: DreamV
image Accessories: chocomint, handmade,

There ya have it~

I'm really reaaally hoping the weather stays nice today! Glum weather is no fun..
That aside, I wish a good day to all of you!
May it be filled with sunshine~

Until next time~
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