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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Frill 2012

Hello again!

This past weekend I went to the first ever Lolita Convention in the world -- Frill! image

I stayed with a local friend and two sweethearts from South Carolina. I seriously loved rooming with them ;u;

I looked imageamazingimage on Saturday with my Squirrel Party coord!

For Saturday, there were plenty panels including wig and deco panels (Yay Malice and Jesse! image)

There were also 3 raffles to enter: Brand clothing, make up, and brand accessories.

Of course I entered the one for brand accessories since there was a Milky Chan headbow in it ;u;

Sadly, I didn't win, but at least I tried~

Then at night, there was Frill After Dark.

Me and Ashley being silly before heading out~

It was alright, but to me, the music was horrendous xD

Fashion show was bland even though some of the pieces were gorgeous. There was even a Totoro dress!

They announced the Brolita and Kodona contest winners + the raffle winners.

After that we went back to the room and passed the hell out. I was super excited for Sunday~!

Not really wanting to post about Sunday or Sunday's outfit... since I already got posted to /cgl/ and called ita for it (let's just say I was super casual w/ glasses and no wig). image It was a country coord I forgot some items for, so I'll have a perfected version up sometime or other.

All of Sunday was just a huge tea party and then a feedback session. A tea party with a bunch of strangers isn't really my deal, but the tea and food were great... So it was cool, I guess~

In general, Frill was ton of fun, but I kinda felt like there weren't enough events on Sunday to keep me thoroughly entertained, so I give it a 7/10.

And sorry for the lack of photos! I always seem to forgot to take tons of pictures xD

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Aw don't let the el'itas' get you down. *checks what you wore on sunday* Yea they crazy. You look great :3

    Totally loved your party hat! And your saturday coordinate! I'm in this massive 'must have all the lavender' phase right now XD

    1. You're so darn sweet ;u;
      I'm kinda thinkin' people on /cgl/ say mean things just to have something to say.

      Thank you! Hnnnggg, I'm in a huge lavender phase too.. and mint hahaha uvu


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