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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Laaaate International Lolita Day outfit~

Hello my darlings! Happy June! image
Lately, I haven't felt like blogging (been in a crappy yet excited mood lately...) -- hence the lack of posts!

Let's try to get me back on track here! Hopefully multiple posts this week~ image
So! For International Lolita Day, I didn't get to wear lolita fashion. Instead, I wore 80's style! We had 80's Day at work, and it was so so fun! image
My boss told me I looked the same as usual minus my hair and make-up. I guess to her I wear 80's-esque style all the time? image

My look~
I really thought my hair and make-up looked horrible, but oh well! xD

Since I wasn't able to wear lolita on ILD, Sunday, or Monday, I decided to wear it today!
That probably wasn't a good choice on my part since it's been raining this week, but meh~ may as well look cute even in crappy weather! image

I went for a really spring look of pastel mania image

image Dress: BTSSB Dessert Collection
image Cardigan: DreamV
image Purse: San-x
image Socks: Offbrand
imageShoes: DreamV
image Accessories: chocomint, handmade,

There ya have it~

I'm really reaaally hoping the weather stays nice today! Glum weather is no fun..
That aside, I wish a good day to all of you!
May it be filled with sunshine~

Until next time~


  1. Ahhh your hair is SUPER 80s!

    And don't worry, everyone's hair looked like crap in the 80s LOL. (even though I am a fan of huuuge hair ~)

    1. Haha, thanks! <3

      Yeah, everyone looked pretty crazy in the 80s, but a good crazy c:

  2. Love the 80s look! I can see why that would be the case because didn't you recently get into wearing Fairy-Kei? (Fairy-Kei was supposely based on 80s fashion) and from what I can see in the pictures, there are a few splash of pastel colours. xD But of course, that could just be me.

    Really love the lolita outfit! ^^ You could really cheer people up in that outfit on a gloomy day, what with it being bright and cheerful and what-not.

    1. Thank you! <3 Oh my god, you're right! That's probably why she feels I looked the same xDD;;

      It actually started raining while I was out! I felt like the little sunshine despite the rain <3 hahaha~ I'm glad you love it c:


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