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Friday, June 29, 2012

Recent purchases - [Lenses galore!]

Hello my darlings!
Sorry for not posting in a while! ;n;

So you all know that I get bored incredibly easily when it comes to my hair and makeup. image Well I've already changed my hair, so next is my makeup (kinda)!

Lens Village is having a nice little sale at the moment (it ends tomorrow so hurry and order!) -- 40% off some of their most popular lens styles! image

I went ahead and ordered... 5 pairs! image All different colours too!

Top (L-R): Kimchi Bambi brown, blue, & pink
Bottom (L-R): Princess Nudy green & violet

Now I can have basically any eye colour!image

I'll be doing a full review for each style, but I'll just put this out there now -- I was surprised at how comfortable the Kimchi Bambi lenses are! image The colour is also stunning; it will grab people's attention right to your eyes! image

with the Kimchi Bambi blue in c:

I'm also on a mini vacay from work, so expect lots and lots of posts during the next week!
I hope everyone has a lovely day image

Till next time~


  1. Lovely lenses! I personally won't be getting lenses until my current ones are used up (which are still the clear contact lenses types). None-the-less, thank you for the heads up! I might look into this sale!

    1. Thanks! I get so easily bored with my look that I bought many colours this time xD;
      You should really check out Lens Village sometime -- they always have great prices! <3

  2. OMG! You look like a little cherub!

    I wish I had the money to buy new lenses at the moment... ;;

    1. ;______; ksdjfjsfjwef that's seriously the best compliment I've ever gotten... I love cherubim (well, putti) ;u;
      So thank you so much <3 <3

      Lens Village is really afordable, actually! My lenses were only $11 a pair with the sale going on c:

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