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Monday, July 16, 2012

New nails -- trying gel

Hello my honeys! (*´∇`*)ノ

Did everyone have a great weekend?

I sure hope so! It's a brand new week, so let's make it super fun!

Over the weekend, I got my nails and toes done~

I had been thinking about getting gel nails for a while now, and I finally got up the courage to go through with it! I know false nails aren't so great for your natural nails, so I ended up just getting the gel polish over my real nails!

It makes my nails feel so smooth; I really love it

Then I figured that since I've been wanting to deco my nails too -- it'd be safe to do it on the gel!

I've tried deco'ing directly onto my natural nails before and it never lasts too long. So! I'm hoping it'll last a loooong time over the gel

I didn't want to get too crazy with it, so I only did my ring fingers

What do you lovelies think?

So far I'm super pleased with the gel polish, I think it may become my go-to! image

I hope everyone has a swell day!
Till next time,


  1. Oh cuuute~! I love gel polish it feels so smooooth! I just dont like how hard it is to take off, since im so lazy about taking my polish off lol! I love how you deco'd em ;v;! miss you Cayleee (~ ;´Д`)~!!

    1. It's hard to take off?! That's great news for me! xD
      Means my deco should stay put hahaha

      I miss you too ;A; we need to hang out sometime. You, Jesse, and me need to hang out too before he leaves!

  2. Waa, what kawaii-ness! Decorations are also pretty, I especially like the rose alot!! <33

  3. I love them! I had gels for a year and loved them so much. Sadly I had to move out of that town and haven't found a decent place to get them done at home :( its hard to find a place that doesn't just use the polish but does the whole gel sculping system.

    1. Thank you! ♥

      Oh no! ): I'm not sure if my nail salon does the gel sculpting system since I just went with gel polish this time~ I'm not the false nail type hahah

  4. Those gel nails look like they are quite something! Something that I could possibly do if I could find the place that could get it done.


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