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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recent gets

Hello sweetie pies~ image
Sory I'm a few days off schedule; it's Back to School season so been working more! (*`∧´)

We recently had a special event at my job, so I bought myself a few clothes and jewelry. Made sure to buy some cute jeans too, since Autumn is coming soon!

These are my favourite out of the jewelry; they make me think of a mermaid (●♡∀♡)

My order from came this week too -- I swear I'm addicted to Asian beauty products (*ノ▽ノ)
Got lotion, lashes, slimming choco drink, and an adorable chapstick image

Thank you for reading!

I'm really hoping to go out and do some fun stuff since I'm off these next two days~

Till next time~
Chu~ image


  1. That pearl tie looks very cute. I was totally not expecting the tie accessory to be made out of pearls until I had taken a closer glance. xD

    Anyway, nice haul! My favourites are the rose ring (of course), the pearl tie, and the pink jeggings. That chap stick is so adorable!!

    1. Yeah, it's super cute! I was going kinda crazy when I saw it xDD;
      I'm glad you like it all~ ♥

      The chapstick is amazing! Smells great and makes my lips very soft. I recommend it~ ;u;


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