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Monday, July 30, 2012

[Tutorial] Puffy twin buns hairstyle ♥

Hello dears! Long time no see! (*ノ▽ノ)

Well I caved in and decided to give you sweeties what you asked for~

I haven't done a tutorial in a while, so please forgive me if this doesn't turn out too amazing! (*´Д`)つ

Puffy twin buns
Okie dokie! So the real trick to getting the puffy buns is how much you tease your hair!
I've learned to back-comb really well with a brush, but I'd definitely recommend using a comb (teasing comb) for this!

What you'll need:
Your hair (of course )
2 hair ties
bobby pins
Brush or comb
Optional: hair acessories,
mousse, hairspray

Put 2 sections (or all) of your hair into high twin tails
I like to use some mousse before-hand to give a little more volume! ♥

Now the fun part!!
Using your brush or comb, tease the hell out of your pigtails!
The bigger, the better -- of course! (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) I went for giant puffy buns

Wrap the giant hair poof around and secure with bobby pins.
This part is much easier if you have medium/long hair~ (*´ェ`*)

Fix any little kinks, and set with hairspray.
Add your desired accessories, and you're done! ♥

Ta da!
I hope this helped at least a little bit!
Now we can all look like kumatan with our puffy buns!
Thanks for reading ♥

Till next time, loves!
Chu~ (´ε` )♡


  1. I'm definitely gonna try that tomorrow! :D

  2. Nice tutorial and don't worry, you did fine! :) They are very cute and I admit I had to use Google-fu to find out what or who Kumatan is. -_- Fail... *gets the joke*

    Anyway, just out of curiosity, did you revert back to your old layout? The header looks very familiar.

    Oh and just to let you know, you had gotten an award!

    1. Thanks! ♥( ´∀`)
      Haha it's alright! I wouldn't think you to be a W♥C kinda girl xD

      Yes, I actually did! xD Well, the background and layout are different, but it is an old header! I was getting bored of the current blog-look ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

      Awwww, thank you for the award; you're so sweet! o (◡‿◡✿)


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