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Thursday, October 18, 2012

New hair --

piece that is! ♥
Hello my dears!
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days~
My life has been boing since AWA (●>艸<

Mainly just working and shopping --
the usual

But I finally bought an item I've really wanted~
Prisila half wig! Yayyy!
I've been wanting one for so long,
and now i finally have one

I'll be redoing my hair soon to match it ♥
since my split hair looks so weird with it..

I got it off mbok, so I didn't pay too much~
The listing said it hadn't been worn
even better for me!

It also came in it's own little carrying case --
too cute!

The half wig by itself isn't very full..
Luckily I've had a similar hair colour before,
so I had some extensions to add!

Much better!

Getting this half wig makes me want more!
It also makes me want to go further into hime~
It's just such a gorgeous fashion

Well until next time my babes!
Hope ya'll look forward to more hime goodness!

Love you! Chu~ ♥


  1. Nice half wig <3 Suits U :)
    Can U tell how much it cost?

    Have a lovely day Princess :*

    1. Thank you! ♥
      I paid ¥2000 for mine, but they retail for ¥5533 ^^

  2. Wow it looks really nice! <3 That poof is so realistic and so amazing! xD

    1. It truly is amazing! *v*)/
      Now I want more and more! haha ♥

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