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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saw Kikkawa You live! (●´∀`)ノ♡

 Hello sweet babes!
So an amazing event happened while I was at AWA!
I would've put it in my last post,
but I felt like it deserves it's own entry! haha
That Saturday, I saw Kikkawa You perform a live concert!
It was her first ever international concert,
so that made it an even more special event~ ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ
Sadly only media personel were allowed to photo/video during,
but I still had a blast! ♥
Kikka performed all her singles, and even "Tan Tan Taan!"
I went crazy cheering and dancing! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ
(I'll tell the importance of that song in a second~ haha)
Hopefully a video will be up of it soon~
I haven't been able to find one yet... 「(°ヘ°)
On Sunday, I went to her booth to get an autograph!
My mind and heart were seriously going crazy,
and I was just staring at her the whole time in line (*ノωノ)
She was surprised at what I wanted her to sign --
"Tan Tan Taan!" single from so long ago!
She asked "Tan Tan Taan?!" when she saw it,
but I felt too shy to say anything other than "Thank you! ♥"
Mission success! `✩
 My Kikka goodies!
~ signed CD~
~ glowstick from concert ~
~ and 2 prints! ✩~

Now if you don't have a clue who I'm talking about --
shame on you! Just kidding~ (●´艸`)

So! Miss Kikkawa You~
Kikkawa You auditioned for Morning Musume 8th gen,
yet sadly she didn't get picked..
But! H!P owners liked her so much that they made her a H!P "Egg"
(pretty much a trainee), then she got put it the group Milky Way!
Milky Way was a group made specifically for the anime Kirarin Revolution --
they sang the opening/closing themes and even voiced characters! ♥
Their debut song was "Anataboshi", but the first I heard was "Tan Tan Taan!"
(She's the yellow~ ✩)

The first time I heard Kikka sing, I knew she would be amazing! ♥v♥
(hence why I went nuts when she sang it live hahaha)
That was so long ago, and now she's turned solo!
2011 was her debut as a solo idol, and I'm so proud of her!
Kikka has really been gaining popularity recently,
and I feel her being at AWA will really boost her fan level!
Yay Kikka! `✩

 Her most recent single, "Darling to Madonna"~
Please enjoy listening! ♥
I feel like after the event, my fangirl level went through the roof! haha
I'm so happy to see Kikka being successful!
Hopefully you all liked learning about Kikkawa You!
And learning some new about me~ (●´艸`)
Have an amazing day, honeys! ♥♥
Until next time!

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