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Friday, November 30, 2012

Paris Kids LP -- get!


Hello babes! ♥
It's officially Lucky Pack season!
I'm too addicted to LPs.. |・ω・`)
Can't wait till Saturday (well today my time) to get LIZ LISA
(and Ank Rouge) LP! Uuuu~! 
Recently got my first LP of the season
from lovely Paris Kids!  (´ω`★)
I actually ordered a Paris Kids LP last year too,
but I didn't get any items I liked..
So I sold the pack (@´_`@)
But this year is different!
I was hoping for cat and hime related goodies;
didn't get any cat goodies, but did get a cute rose hair tie!
It's hime enough for me haha ♥

I'm happy to have gotten 3 hair accessories~
I honestly always have a hard time what to do with my hair/
wear in my hair, so they're definitely a wonderful get! ★

The jewelry is nice too,
but I think I'll be giving the necklace as a gift..
Not my style at all (*´艸`*)
Anywho! Hope you all have a lovely day!
I'll be spending mine with a childhood friend ♥
And of course, Happy Lucky Pack season!
Any particular ones you'll be getting? ★
Till next time~


  1. I've never gotten a lucky pack before, so I'm hoping to get one this year. I really want one from Angelic Pretty or Liz Lisa :3 If I have any money left from buying gifts that is.

    I look forward to seeing the other things you get this season.

    1. Really?!
      You should definitely try to get an AP one; it always comes with pretty much a whole outfit ♥

    2. I know you have ordered a lucky pack from AP before. Have you ever had to pay customs fees?

    3. I've never had to pay customs fees on any orders from Japan ^^

    4. Thanks ^^ I think I will get one this time :3

  2. Oh, I didn't even know Ank Rouge had theirs already! Maybe next year~

    As for me, I ended up getting the trunk LP from Liz Lisa <3 It'll be my first LP, *and* it'll be my first brand too, so I'm double excited <3

    1. So glad to see you're still around in the bloggin' world, dear! ♥

      Oh wow! That one was the most, right? I got the 5250 yen one since I liked the bag (*≧▽≦)ノ

      And congrats on your first LP/brand purchase! That's always wayyy exciting! ♥

  3. Lol, yeah, I'm still around. I've been trying to hold off my posts until I finished the new layout, but I'm not getting it to look the way I want ;_; I may just have to bite the bullet and post anyway, because I've got a backlog of, like, 3 now. XD

    And yes, it was the expensive one! X3 I saved up 2 paychecks in anticipation of the trunk LP, whatever it would be!


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