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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Pop!Georgia meet

Hello again, baby dolls!
Did everyone have a good weekend? ♥
I spent mine with the POP!GA cuties~
(turned out to be my close friends (≧艸≦)
I wore an outfit which I feel isn't my usual~
Make up, too!
 Totally not used to wearing bold colours 

So we cuties met up at Korean cafe,
ate some snacks, chatted, and exchanged gifts!

My bb Jesse got me some precious goodies
My favourite item is the Marie pin!

After chilling there a while,
we decided to go to the mall!
I was shopping for Moomin items
It was pretty late by the time we were done shopping,
so we went and ate dinner -- Japanese food!

 Yummy spicy tuna roll~

Overall, it was amazing day!
I didn't want to go home~
I seriously cannot wait to see the babes again!
I hope all you sweeties have a good day,
and be sure to make plenty of fun times!
Until next time~

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