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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Let's get into the holiday spirit ❄

Hello Princesses
Lately I've really been into the holiday spirit!

When I went to get my nails done,
I decided to get something festive~
 When she was making the snowflake,
it felt like she was just doing dots everywhere..
But it turned out beautiful!

They were commenting on my outfit while there,
saying I must be ready for Christmas! ♥

Here's what I wore~
I seriously love that skirt!
Nordic-styled prints are always gorgeous,
but even better with red!
I really am ready for the holidays!
So excited! ♥ *v*)/
But! I must be going, my loves~
Hanging out with friends today!
I hope you all have a beautiful day!
And look forward to the holidays!
Until next time, babes~


  1. Aah cute coord! I love the pattern on that skirt *_*
    Nice nails! :D

  2. Very festive! :D The nails looks fantastic and that outfit! <3


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