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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

There's a first time for everything! ♥

 Hello honeys!
Sorry this is a little past due~
I'm back to working nearly everyday after my week of vacay
I have exciting news!
During my vacation,
I got my first "real" piercing! ♥
I'd been wanting one since high school,
so it took me a while..
I guess I was just too scared before.. (*ノωノ)

I went with a "Monroe" piercing
since I wanted a more cute-style
 I'll change it to a little jewel later~

As for my vacation, it went well!
Tuesday and Wednesday were more just relax days~
Thursday was my older brother's birthday,
so we went out for lunch!
 It's also when I went to get my piercing!
After it was done, the guy asked me if he had hurt me;
I told him it felt like being at the dentist (*´艸`*)
Everyone at the tattoo shop was really cool though!
I could see myself being friends with those type! haha
For Friday, like I said in my last post,
I hung out with a childhood friend!
She's leaving for basic training in January,
so I'm trying to spend as much time with her as I can!
 I look so weird with swollen face @@
We had a coffee together, then did some shopping~

I didn't buy too much -- just some beauty items
Overall, it was a nice and fun vacation!
I'm excited to be off today too~
I've got to give my brother a mock interview
since he's been applying lots lately;
I want to help him be ready for the real thing!
(I do a lot of the interviews at work ´艸`)
What will you lovlies be doing today?
I hope it's something fun!
Until next time, sweeties~
Chu~ ♥

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