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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Liz Lisa LP arrival! ♥

 Hello sweet darlings!
How's everyone's month been going so far?
Hopefully swell~
So far I've been sick and have terrible neck pains..
I'm going to the doctor on Friday though;
maybe they can tell me why my neck hurts  (´Д`)
I did have a good thing happen Monday, though~
My Liz Lisa LP arrived!
Well, one of them..
I accidentally ordered 2 of the same  「(@ ヘ@)

 The goodies
Lace top two-tone onepiece
Lace shoulder cardigan
and of course -- a cami!

I'll be selling the cami since my chest cannot fit in it
Sometimes it sucks having "girls".. (´艸`)

I couldn't wait to wear the dress,
so I wore it to work yesterday!


♥ Dress ~ Liz Lisa
Bag ~ Bueno
♥ Tights ~ Offbrand
♥ Boots ~ Icing
Accessories ~ Offbrand

I got plenty of nice comments on it
The dress is perfect length on me (I'm 5'),
so I wonder if it'd be too short on other girls?

Overall I'm extremely happy with my pack,
and I can't wait for my others to arrive! *(*´∀`*)☆

Any of you honeys waiting on LPs, too?
I'd love to know!

 Have a lovely day~
Until next time!


  1. How did you order 2 of the same, silly?

    I was thinking about getting one from Liz Lisa but I didn't have enough money after buying the one from Angelic Pretty.

    Everything looks really nice on you <3

  2. I made the first order from Liz Lisa directly, but I thought it didn't go through... so I made a different order through a shopping service.
    Turns out the first one did go through @@ so now I'll have 2 of the same xD;

    Oh so you did get an AP one?! Yay! ♥
    Which pack did you end up getting? ^^

  3. Oh, that's too bad XD But at least you can sell the other.

    I got the Dream Fantasy JSK set in pink! It's so precious *_* I posted pics on my blog if you wanted to look at them.

    Were there any other packs you were thinking of getting?

    1. Yeah, no need to have 2 of the same xD;

      Oh my goodness! Lucky! ♥*v* I wanted that set in sax but got the salopette one instead. Still precious! ;u;

      I think I ordered too many LPs this season xD;
      Got Liz Lisa, La Pafait, Rose Fan Fan, and AP packs @@ I wanted Ank Rouge too, but they were sold out ;-;

      I can't wait till the rest get here though *u*

    2. Did you get the salopette in sax? I wanted that one too but couldn't afford both. Are you going to post pics of the others? You really should ;D

    3. I did ♥
      I'll post pics real soon ^^

    4. So jealous!!!! ;-; I wanted it so badly.

      Can't wait to see!

  4. I got Liz Lisa boston bag too but mine had different stuff in it :) Really like the dress, Liz Lisa at its best with lace, frills and bows♥ My one-piece was casual plaid salopette, also cute but... I posted pics in my blog as well :)
    Too bad that both bags turned out to be exactly the same because I think there are at least two (maybe even more) versions of webstore boston. That's unfortunate but on the other hand Liz Lisa is so popular, you'll always be able to sell the duplicates!

    1. Oh wow, your items are cute too! I love how the top has lace cutouts ♥

      I'm not sure if the items inside are the same; I just accidentally ordered the same LP xD

      I'll definitely be selling~ no need to have 2!

  5. What is this pink something with roses behind LL bag ? Loooks like from LP. So so cuteeeeee <3

  6. WOOOOW lucky girl!!! so many beautiful pieces!

  7. Wow your lucky pack is so nice! :D I particularly like that cardigan! So cute! <3 (I spot a frilly princess pillow)

    Anyway, LPs are nice, but expensive! D: Plus I'm on the picky side when it comes to variety and selection, so I don't usually risk it with randoms. None the less, I might consider getting one when I have more...discretionary income at my disposal. xD Haha

    Best of luck with selling off your LP. Though if you don't mind me asking, how much did you buy them for? O-o

    1. Thanks! ♥
      Some brands show exactly what's gonna be in the pack, so it's not always random ^^ Having a job is so great cause without it, I couldn't afford them either xD;

      My packs were all 5250 yen each other than the AP one (it was $250 incl shipping), so overall it was quite a bit (I think $500 after shipping and all ss fees). I mainly used holiday money ^^;


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