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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More LPs~ ♥ [AP Dream Fantasy set]

 Good morning, divas!
Per miss Aina's request,
I'll be making some more LP posts~
This time around -- Angelic Pretty!
I ordered through a SS on livejournal~
Originally, I wanted the jsk set in sax,
but she was unable to get that at the SF release...
So instead, I got the salopette set in sax!
I'm actually stupidly happy I got the salopette;
it's seriously cuter with it's overall print
The pony makes me think of Lisa Frank

The pack also came with a giiiiant tote!

I'm gonna use it to store petticoats (´艸`)
I use the big tote from last year for that too~

Pack contents 
♥ Dream Fantasy salopette
♥ matching barrette
♥ matching socks
♥ sax "Angelic Pretty" bunny cutsew
♥ sax pouchette

♥ Salopette ~ Angelic Pretty
♥ Cutsew ~ DreamV
♥ Tights ~ Offbrand
♥ Bag ~ Angelic Pretty
♥ Shoes ~ Sechuna
Accessories ~ Angelic Pretty, chocomint, Metamorphose

Overall, I am 110% satisfied with my pack!
This is my 1st AP pack that I've reeaally been head-over-heels for,
and hopefully it won't be the last! ☻
Anyway! I hope everyone's been having a fantastic week so far!
Until next time, lovelies~


  1. I am so crazy jealous that you got a set in sax.

    And you look sooo cute in you coord... really adorable <3

    Thanks for the review <3

    1. Aw, don't be jealous! You got an amazing pack too! ♥

      I'm glad you like it ;v;♥ and you're very welcome~

  2. WOW! So exciting! They are really ever so cute. Wish I could fit brands I'd love the excitement of LPs... ^_^

    And those ponies remind me of Lisa Frank too! I loved her. Always wanted her school stuff when I was younger but it's 10 times as expensive... Got some random Christmas stickers from a store this year - totally brought back memories.

    1. LPs are truly the best *v*
      Some lolita brands put out sized LPs; maybe check those out? ^^

      I loved her too! My pencil pouch when I was little had the golden retrievers. Used that thing for years! ♥u♥
      Her items were expensive though @@ her items are coming back in style now (even more expensive xx)

  3. What a spectacular coordinate! :D You look very adorable! ^^ Sax and yellow really suits you!


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