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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Peachy peachy~

Hello precious angels!
Is everyone having a charming week?
My weekend went well;
last week was so tense at work,
so it was nice having some days off~ (´・v・)
and this week is going smoothly as well

So! Last week I decided I needed some change in my life,
so I made a hair appointment!
I went to see Cathy (she's the best!) on Friday,
and of course I was booked as her last client
(I'm her most complicated client.. *・艸・)

I told her that I wanted peach-toned hair,
 and she was basically like "how in the world..?"
So she thought it through a little,
and then got to work!

First, bleach it all!
It turned out so cool -- looked like fire!
 Cat for my face since I looked like poo..

Then she added 2 colours over it, and cut it~
The finished look is just stunning!
natural light

with flash

In natural light, it looks more milk tea with peach tinges,
but with flash, you can really see the colour! (ノ´∀`)

I think I've finally found a colour that I want to stick to!
Cathy was to happy when I told her that~

Any of you lovelies made a beauty-related change too?
I'd love to hear about it~

Until text time, babes


  1. Love the new hair color and style. I think both of the colors in the flash and natural light looks so adorable! I never dyed my own hair before, I prefer to keep it natural but I do intend to by some candy colored wigs in the future! :D

    1. Aw, thank you, dear! ♥
      Wigs are definitely much more convenient! xD Have lots of fun with them~ ^^

  2. Nice color! :D you're so pretty!

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