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Monday, February 18, 2013

2 outfits and new pumps!

 Hello sweet cherubs!
Not many outfits to show you from last week..
I was mainly in jammies are being a frog.
Been sick lately so rather sleep than dress up
February 10, 2013
All offbrand~
 I went more of a MA*RS styled look
except with boots instead of sexyyy pumps  (´艸`)

February 14, 2013
All offbrand as well
Got dressed up for Valentine's day~
 I didn't do much since I still wasn't feeling well
but I did get chocolates from my honey!
Soooo yummy o。.(☆ฺ。 ☆)
When I got back to work on Saturday,
I noticed we had gotten some gorgeous new shoes!
Clear heels, tops, and insets are big for Spring 2013,
so I was crazy excited to see they follow current trend! 

That's all for today though!
Do any of you lovelies try to keep up shoes/accessory trends?
I'd love to know!
Well have an amazing day, angels!
Untill next time~


  1. lovely outfits! I love both of them!!!
    Also those shoes look amazing. I hadn't known that there was a clear inset trend, but those clear heels look really awesome :D

  2. First bags, now shoes! Very interesting they have going on there, though I love the look of these shoes in particular!


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