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Monday, February 4, 2013

Outfits! ♥ [1/27 - 2/2]

Hello honeys!
I'm in such a good mood today!
An amazing game comes out tomorrow!
Dead Space 3 -- ahhhhh!
Might not be making much posts this week or next
cause I'm sure I'll be playing that instead..
But enough about that..
On to the outfits!
January 28, 2013
All offbrand~

January 29, 2013
Yes I wore leopard two days in a row..(ノ´д`)

♥ Top ~ Janis
♥ Skirt ~ Offbrand
♥ Tights ~ Offbrand
♥ Boots ~ Icing
Accessories ~ Offbrand


January 31, 2013
All offbrand

Went to a party that night too,
so 2 outfits for that day~

♥ Dress/outer ~ Liz Lisa
♥ Bag ~ Disney
♥ Boots ~ Just Fab
Accessories ~ Offbrand

  February 2, 2013

♥ Sweater ~ Thrifted
♥ Skirt ~ Bodyline
♥ Bag ~ metoo
♥ Boots ~ DreamV
Accessories ~ Offbrand

 I know my favourite from last week was Saturday's!
Love my little bunny bag~ ヽ(。ゝx・。)ノ
What's your favourite?
Let me know, and have a great day! 
Until next time, loves!


  1. I love your LL dress/outer and BL skirt. So cute <3

  2. On your Feb. 2 outfit, what bodyline skirt are you wearing?

    1. It's no longer on the website, but similar to this one ♥
      They consider it a petticoat, but it's a skirt to me xD

  3. DEAD SPACE 3!!! how is that going?
    it's so scary .-.
    I love all your outfits, they're so cute and unique~

    1. It's going scary as hell hahaha ♥
      The ending is bleck too.. but oh well!

      And thank you, dear~ I'm glad you love them ^^


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