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Sunday, March 31, 2013

SoCal vacation Finale (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

Hello sweetiepies!
April is only a day way--
is anyone else as excited as me!?
Today will be my last post of my SoCal vacation!
(and short.. I didn't take many pics >w>)
Thursday was my last full day in
California, so we went to beach!
One of my main points for vacation
was to go! So yay!
It took us over and hour to get there,
so a loooong drive!
By the time we arrived to Newport Beach,
we were seriously starving!
We stopped off at Harborside Restaurant
for a bite to eat!
Such yummy food!
I tried muscles and clams for the first time..
the muscles were gross(x_x;)
The rest of the food was amazing though!
We walked down to beach afterwards.
The weather was great,
but too cool to want to get fully in the water.
Thigh deep water is good enough for me!
 I look crazy |・ω・`)

The water kept trying to pull me in, too!
So scary!
After the beach fun,
we made another long drive to a hotel closer the aiport!
We basically just chilled there 'til it was time for bed --
not too fun, but necessary to wind down!
The next morning we woke up at 5
to go the airport~
It was time to say goodbye to California,
but I had an amazing time while there!
That's it for my vacation stories!
Maybe I'll go on lots more fun vacations soon~
Hope you darlings enjoyed reading about it!
 Until next time!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

SoCal vacation PT3 (´ω`★)

Hello there darlings!
It's officially the weekend, so time to party!
 Woop woop!
Haha, just playing~

I will spend my weekend sleeping
since I started feeling really sick today!
I'm thinking it's allergies! :/
Enough about my sickness though!
Back to vacay stories!
Got up bright and early on the 3rd day!
full makeup ♥

what I wore ♥
It was another Khouri filled day!
This time we went Victoria Gardens!
It's an outdoor mall, so we got to enjoy the sun
First we went to Sephora 'cause
Khouri wanted to get some new makeup~

She was getting colours tested on her
so I was derpin'~
I got Make Up For Ever HD Primer for redness!
Plus a free mini emerald eyeliner as my 100 pt perk!
I'm really loving the emerald colour

By the time we were done in Sephora.
it was time for lunch!
We headed over to the food court for some noms!

 I had Japanese food and Khouri had pizza!
I really think she loves pizza

From her Instagram page
She showed me about Instagram, too!
I don't have a phone that supports Instagram,
so I really had no clue about it!
But now I want it! It makes photos so pretty

We went into lots of lovely stores:
Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun, Forever21 --
but I didn't buy too much, surprisingly!

Just some sleep/workout shorts

Our last stop at Victoria Gardens was a little crepe cafe
called Crepes de Paris!
It was both our first time going there!
Khouri and I shared a delicious Nutella crepe!

After we left Victoria Gardens,
we went and had boba drinks! Yum!
Mango boba and passion fruit boba

My mom tried milk tea, but didn't like it..
It was much too sweet for her

Khouri had lovely passion fruit colour lips! haha

We took Khouri home afterwards,
and hung out at her place for a little while ♥

I played with her Pola bjd

She seriously has the cutest room and dolls!
You can see them on her Instagram~

Eventually we had to go, and it made me so sad!
She gave me a gorgeous Meta cardigan as a parting gift!
At least that's the way I see it~ hehe
What a total sweetheart!

The ride back to our hotel was a sad one for me.
I knew I'd be leaving California real soon..
but I swore to come back and visit my babe again!
Thursday would be my last day in California,
and it was a beach day!
I'll post about it next time~

Look forward to it!

 Until next time, honeys!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

SoCal vacation PT2 (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)

Hello again, Princesses!
How has this week been for you?
Hopefully lovely~!
We hadn't really made plansfor the 2nd day,
so we just rolled with the punches!
While getting ready, I noticed how much difference lashes make!
what I wore ♥
Eventually, we decided to go thrifting,
and then to meet up with Khouri!
My goodies from the thift shops
So then we picked up Khouri!
such a cutie! ;w;
We've been penpals for over a year,
but this was our first time meeting in person!
So a suuuuper big deal for us!

She's a giant compared to me (*≧▽≦)ノシ))
We spent the day together at Ontario Mills mall!
Shared yummy food
and had tons of fun with my babe~

In Sanrio store~ 
 my goodies ♥
After being at the mall for hours,
we were quite sleepy~
So we dropped Khouri off,
and then headed back to our hotel!
I had a hard time sleeping..
cause I was so excited!
Wednesday would be spent with Khouri too
I'll post about day three next, darlings!
Have a wonderful weekend~
Till next time,
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