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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cosplay test!

Nyan! Hello cuties!
Today I took lots of photos to test my cosplay!
I'll be going to Momocon this weekend (Friday-Sunday), and I'm soooo excited!   I'll probably be wearing lolita on Friday (not really sure yet..) and cosplay on Saturday.
Sunday is my chill-out day for cons, so of course kigu for that day!

Here's some photos from my cosplay test, though!
It's Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura) white cat outfit from the manga~  


I'm thinking my lighter wig won't be here by Friday (for manga costumes),
so I used the dark one (use for anime costumes)!
I also didn't think to buy a spacer,
so Sakura will just have a monroe piercing!  

And as far as the outfit goes,
I've only got 2 parts left to make
Need to make the big bow for around the thigh
(not sure if it'll be seen, but want to be accurate xD),
and ribbon to tie around my neck~
Also need to find a way to keep my gloves up;
any suggestions?
Pretty much done with it though,
and so excited for the weekend!
Are you lovelies looking forward to any amazing plans this weekend?
I'd love to know, dolls!
Until next time though, sweeties!


  1. Wow, such a cute cosplay *__*

    I foung your blog through Poupee Girl and I really like it *_*

  2. I like your makeup and your dress is just gorgeous <3

  3. Very cute! You should layer up on petticoats under the skirt to get a more full look. x

    <3 Melissa

  4. The cosplay outfit is looking fantastic! Now all you need is the wand! :D Oh and I love the addition of Kero.


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