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Friday, March 1, 2013

MA*RS inspired nails ♥

Hello there, cuties!
Happy March~
I really can't believe that
 it's taken me so long to post this..
I haven't felt motiviated to blog this week;
 sorry honeys!
So as you lovelies know,
I decided to switch over to wearing false nails.
I found a gorgeous pair on mbok,
and they arrived Saturday!  
The seller's description said they're inspired
by MA*RS brand style!
I definitely see that with the crazy stones,
black/pink, and cute little skulls~!
I wore them with my MA*RS style outfit
(was posted Monday)

Sorry it's blurry @@
I couldn't get it to focus properly when taking it...
The nails match my MA*RS dress perfectly
Making me want to try agejo style again.
I evn tried to do my make-up to suit the style!
Neutral cheeks/lips with bold eye make!

Used Eyemazing #2 layered over an offbrand pair 
Turned out thick and lovely!
I want to try agejo style again,
but not sure if it will suit me! haha
Have any of you honeys been inspired
to try a different style from seeing a brand?
I'd love to know!
Until next time, dolls!


  1. Kawaii nails *_*
    Also like your necklace. Is it hand made or U buy it somewhere?

    1. Thanks Princess ♥
      The necklace is La Pafait -- I received in a LP ^^

  2. I love the nails, but your entire look is amazing.

    1. Thank you, dear!
      I meant to ask! Hoow did everything go with trying bottom lashes? ♥

  3. Replies
    1. They're too crazy not to love! xD
      and I'm glad to see you're still blogging ^^

  4. The nails are so awesome. I love them with that outfit!
    Also your make-up makes you look really dolly!

    1. Thanks, honey! ♥
      I want to look dolly 24/7 ;u;

  5. You had definitely pulled off the Ma*rs look! :D The nails look wicked!


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