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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

~Momocon 2013~

Hello precious babes!
Not really want to say alot about Momocon,
so I'll just say I had tons of fun!
There were a few mishaps.. (someone stole ==),
but overall I had a great time

I actually took more photos this year;
although it's still not a ton! haha

What I wore Friday ♥ Happy Garden
As soon as I got to the con on Friday,
 this old guy was asking for my picture!
It was too hilarious~

Saturday's cosplay ♥ Cardcaptor Sakura
Sadly I couldn't afford a wand for this..,
so my wand was a keychain! haha (which got stolen ;n;)

There were a lot of the people who asked for my photo
but had no clue what I was supposed to be..
Actually surprised me since CCS aired here

I actually informed 2 girls about the anime/manga though!
They were kind enough to ask what my cosplay was,
so of course I told them!
Even asked me to type the title in their phone! ♥

One of my roomies, Rae, cosplayed Kai from Beyblade!
Such a nostalgic cosplay ♥v♥

 She also had an adorable Chopper backpack!
Yay for One Piece fans!

 Other cosplays I saw that I liked
Jack Frost ♥ Rise of the Guardians

Pyramid Head ♥ Silent Hill 2

 Robed figure ♥ Journey
The cosplayer was so suprised when I asked for photo!
They were like, "You want MY photo?! :O"
Too cute of them! (´艸`)
[I did jump out the elevator for this..
All for an amazing cosplay! hahaha!]

Merlin with Cthulhu plush ♥

There was also a Grunt (Amnesia game) cosplay,
but he got away before I could take a picture ;n;
I'll try to get a pitcure from my friend
(she photographed him), and post it!

And of course cons aren't complete unless..
 you buy lots of goodies!

Subject Delta from Bioshock 2
Absolutely amazing photo from Dim Horizon Studio
It's an actual costume too! Couldn't believe it..  w(°o°)w

Incredible Journey fanart notepad by magsleyart
and bow ring from Kawaiicore
Also got a cutie Nyanpire coin pouch~ ♥v♥
That's all for my Momocon 2013 experience!
It was amazing,
and can't wait for more cons!
Till next time~


  1. Adorable Sakura cosplay and a lot of nice photos *__* I love the Kai cosplay from your friend <33

  2. Thank you, darling! *v*
    I was seriously acting so crazy when she told me about her Kai cosplay! It was too great xD

  3. I love the Happy Garden's coordination ! Mixing that print with those shoes was an amazing idea *o*

    1. Thank you! ♥
      I originally had heels on, but my feet were hurting ;; so glad I brought those sneakers! ^^


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