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Thursday, March 28, 2013

SoCal vacation PT2 (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)

Hello again, Princesses!
How has this week been for you?
Hopefully lovely~!
We hadn't really made plansfor the 2nd day,
so we just rolled with the punches!
While getting ready, I noticed how much difference lashes make!
what I wore ♥
Eventually, we decided to go thrifting,
and then to meet up with Khouri!
My goodies from the thift shops
So then we picked up Khouri!
such a cutie! ;w;
We've been penpals for over a year,
but this was our first time meeting in person!
So a suuuuper big deal for us!

She's a giant compared to me (*≧▽≦)ノシ))
We spent the day together at Ontario Mills mall!
Shared yummy food
and had tons of fun with my babe~

In Sanrio store~ 
 my goodies ♥
After being at the mall for hours,
we were quite sleepy~
So we dropped Khouri off,
and then headed back to our hotel!
I had a hard time sleeping..
cause I was so excited!
Wednesday would be spent with Khouri too
I'll post about day three next, darlings!
Have a wonderful weekend~
Till next time,


  1. Such a cute outfit. I love the mint accessories.

  2. Aaargh! All that pink, pretty, hello kitty goodness!

    Love that mint sweater.

    1. The Sanrio stores are full of too much cute items! ;v; they can just take all my money hahaha

      It was a great find! Especially since mint is my favourite colour ♥

  3. Mint is so cute~ I love your outfit!

    1. It is! It's definitely my favourite! Thank you ♥
      And I just realized I haven't follow you yet.. how is that possible?!
      Following you now, lovely! ♥


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