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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I-I'm alive! ♥

Hello sweet darlings!
I sure haven't posted in a while..
To be honest,
I haven't really felt like blogging lately..
Since my life has been a total snoozefest!
I really haven't been up to much these past weeks,
so I'll just try to make this as interesting as possible!
I honestly suck at FPS games.. x.x

I got Bioshock Infinite Premium Edition (ofc...),
and the story is extremely interesting!
And I had cat nails too!

So really most of these 2 weeks was spent:
working, cleaning, or gaming..
I did take the time to try some make up styles though!
Sakurina inspired eye makeup~
Yesterday I did a makeup too
More of a Barbie-style! 

Did a little crafting too~ ♥
Made rose double-ring, bracelet, and hair clip!
It's been a relaxing two weeks~
Hope you lovelies have had a nice time too!
This week will probably be bland for me though;
make sure to make it a good one, sweeties!
Until next time,


  1. i'm in love with that barbie makeup!! <3 not very surprising that i am though.. haha. are those cat nails stick-ons? i love them!

    1. Haha, you love everything Barbie-esque, babe! xP ♥
      Yeah, they're nail chips! I got them off mbok ^^♥

  2. Awww so cute :) I like this roses accessory <3

    1. Thank you, Princess ♥
      I'm trying to craft more often ^^

  3. Your Sakurina inspired look is very pretty!

  4. :D Yay your alive! Well I am pretty much inactive right now in terms of blogging status haha! xD Unfortunately that is mostly the result from me being in the middle of finals right now, so I haven't really been doing much other than just studying my butt off! X_X I really love your cat nails. How fitting that you had "posed" your hand against the kitty charm in the background. Love the makeup as well as the bracelet!

  5. Bioshock Infinite! *o* I played it on my dad's PS3 ~ And it's just amazing (Qu Q)b The story is super unique, you're right! And I'm so in love with the soundtrack :')

    Lovely blog! You have a new follower now ^w^

    I'd be happy if you'd check out my blog!


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